1000 BEATS. A thousand percussionists in Palermo from today until May 1st

1000 BEATS Festival, the event supported by the Municipality of Palermo, starting from April 27th will bring in thousand streets, squares and places of the city, thousand percussionists from all over the world.
1000 percussion and drum students, professionals and enthusiasts from China, the United States and all European countries meet at the “Alessandro Scarlatti” Music Conservatory of Palermo, internationally renowned teachers for a program with lessons, workshops and exhibitions in collaboration with the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland in Lugano and of the Royal Academy of Music of Copenhagen in Denmark.
Among them
Leigh Howard Stevens (US) “The greatest classical marimbist of all time”, for TIME magazine, Peter Erskine (US), the history of Jazz drums, ex of Weather Report, Alexej Gerassimez (DE) solo percussionist of the Philarmonic Orchestra of Monaco of Bavaria, PA1.jpgMark Colenburg (US) Grammy winner for experimental work on Jazz and Hi-Hop drums.
The musicians will be “invited” to walk every day from Piazza Ballarò, where they stay, to the Conservatory. Crossing the streets of the historic center, enjoying street food, socializing with the people of Palermo, they will be able to immerse themselves in a total educational vacation experience. In fact, the event is aimed at the European youth tourism market which for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) generates revenue of nearly 300 billion dollars each year.

During the events some places will be open to the public, such as the Boccadifalco Airport and the Fincantieri basin of the Port of Palermo. The Royal Theater of Santa Cecilia, thanks to the Brass Group Foundation of Palermo, will host two Classical and Jazz music concerts.
Palermo at the center of human flows from the Mediterranean in search of “A beautiful place to migrate!” In Palermo the young musicians will meet the African community of Ballarò and, together with the Senegalese artist Dioudiou Diouf, they will perform in a parade that with songs, dances and the rhythm of percussion will cross the alleys of the neighborhood for a great multicultural party.

Saturday, April 27 at 9:00 pm – Airplane Club Palermo Beppe Albanese, Boccadifalco Airport, Palermo – Free Entry
VUELING OPENING CONCERT: Ballet Mécanique, “Percussions, 4 Pianos and live airplanes”
Thomas Gauger, Gainsborough (1965), for Percussions, Ensemble of the “A. Buzzolla “. Adria (RO), Director Alberto Macchini ● John Cage, Credo in Us (1942), for piano, percussion and radio ● Ballet Mécanique, George Antheil (1924), for 4 pianos, percussion and two airplanes, Ensemble Conservatorio “A. Scarlatti “, Palermo, Director Fabio Correnti.
Sunday 28th April from 5.00 pm – From Quattro Canti to Piazza Ballarò, Palermo – Free Entry
BALLARÓ FEST: “A nice place to migrate!”
Multiethnic Percussion Parade with DOUDOU DIOUF GROUP, the African community and the 1000 Beats percussionists
Sunday, April 28 at 9:00 pm – Real Teatro Santa Cecilia, Via Piccola of the S. Cecilia Theater n. 5, Palermo – Entrance fee
CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT: “The 1000 Beats masters meet the city” PERCURAMA percussion ensemble of the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark, Soloists: Anders Kann Elten, Hsiao-Tung Yuan, Director,
Gert Mortensen ● Marimba, LEIGH HOWARD STEVENS (US) ● Multiset percussions, ALEXEJ GERASSIMEZ (DE).
Monday 29 April at 21:00 – Real Teatro Santa Cecilia, Via Piccola of the S. Cecilia Theater n. 5, Palermo – Entrance fee
JAZZ MUSIC CONCERT: “Peter Erskine, Mark Colenburg and the Palermo Jazz” Readling Project Trio ● Mark Colenburg (US) and Resident band ● PALERMO JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. Peter Erskine (US) ● Director Giuseppe D’Urso
Tuesday 30 April at 21:00 – Fincantieri Basin, Port of Palermo – Via dei Cantieri n.75, Palermo – Free Entry
WORLD FIRST: “The Ship Lightning, phosphorus and fantasy”, Symphony for 100 percussionists and a ship, “Finally time is whole # 19” ● Composer: Dario Buccino ● Performers: The Percussionists of 1000 Beats and the workers of Fincantieri of Palermo ●


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