The Ettore Majorana center in Erice turno 60. 150 scientists will sign the Erice manifesto

Sixty years ago the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Center for Scientific Culture of Erice was born, founded and chaired by the physicist Antonino Zichichi, sixty years of work aimed at the promotion and diffusion of Science and Peace. 58 scientists from all over the world will participate, directors of schools belonging to the Majorana Foundation, who, together with Professor Zichichi, will sign the new Erice Manifesto, a document that implements the original 1982 Manifesto – signed by over 90 thousand scientists , stipulated at the time by the Nobel Prize winners Paul Dirac, Pëtr Leonidovič Kapitza and by Zichichi himself – where, among the various points, the exhortation to develop “an ethical science that works for people and not for nations” stands out. This warn is more fundamental today in light of the fact that problems of international scope are managed by institutions financed by interested parties in clear conflict of interests or even by the same subjects themselves. A pattern that has appeared very clearly in recent times.

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