Palermo joins the “Wiki loves monuments” 2018 competition

The Municipality of Palermo joins the “Wiki loves monuments” 2018 competition, promoted for the seventh consecutive year by Wikimedia Italia that invites all citizens to shoot the Italian cultural heritage.

The photographs collected within the contest will be released under free license and will be published on Wikimedia Commons, the multimedia database of Wikipedia.

The competition will take place simultaneously in over 50 countries around the world: the national awards will be examined by an international jury, which will crown the most beautiful images at a global level.

The deadline for submitting your images is set for 24.00 on 30 September.

In 2016, a photo taken in the city of Palermo won the prestigious Wiki Loves Monument contest. The shot, created by Enrico Rubicondo, immortalized the Almeyda Room of the Municipal Historical Archive.

Announcement, regulations and any useful information on the competition at

The list of Sicilian monuments included for this year’s competition is available on the page

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