Leoluca Orlando in Sweden, at the International Network of Cities for the Protection of Refugees

The Mayor, Mr. Leoluca Orlando participated last week in Malmö, Sweden, at a meeting organized by the municipality and the ICORN (International Network of Cities for the Protection of Refugees and for the freedom of expression of writers and artists persecuted in several countries of the world ).


Orlando was sent as a speaker on the role of local governments in the globalized reality and on the experience of Palermo as the capital of the mafia as Capital of Culture and reception.
In front of an audience of about 300 journalists, writers and artists of various nationalities, all victims of threats and limitations of freedom in their own country, Orlando recalled “the change experienced by Palermo in the last 40 years, a change still ongoing but always more model for other cities too and that places us at the forefront in building social relations that have their own foundations in dialogue, acceptance and appreciation of differences “.

Orlando then recalled the “Palermo Charter” adopted with the contribution of jurists, politicians, representatives of civil society and activists and who “proposes to recognize international mobility as a fundamental human right”, the only way for Europe to save itself from its selfishness and recover consistency and respect for one’s own values ​​”.

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