“Ghana. Tasting Africa “an international forum between Sicily and Ghana

“Ghana. Tasting Africa “is the title of the international forum that opened today at Villa Niscemi, in Palermo, on the initiative of the Ghana Sicily Business Forum.

The aim of the initiative is to consolidate economic and commercial relations between Sicily and the African country.

Agriculture, food processing, renewable energy and construction, including new technologies and prefabricated products, textiles and fashion are the areas covered by the Forum.

The forum, which began with the report by Francesco Campagna (pictured above), president of the Ghana Sicily Business Forum and Honorary Consul of Ghana, continues until Sunday 7 October and Thursday 4 will move to Mazara del Vallo, as connected with the seventh edition of “Bue Sea Land”.

Sponsored by the Sicilian Region, the City of Palermo, Sicindustria, Confcooperative Sicily and AssoretiPmi, the forum creates the opportunity for Italian and Sicilian entrepreneurs who want to internationalize their activities in Ghana, to get to know the Ghanaian economic and productive reality, and for Ghanaian entrepreneurs, to present their activities and products in our country. The international forum is therefore an opportunity for Sicily to consolidate relations of cooperation and exchange with Ghana. The event also aims to promote the knowledge and dissemination of culture, traditions, art, food and Ghanaian products.

The approach is oriented towards sustainability and inclusive business practices (UN Sustainable Development Goals).

During the forum “Ghana. Tasting Africa “four projects have been presented that focus on Ghanaian economic-productive activities and collaboration with Sicily.

The first is “Agro Eco Village Kintampo” for the Brong Ahafo Region. It is a conversion of 7500 hectares of land in a financially sustainable agro-ecological village, through the integration of education, agriculture, social enterprises and housing.

The creation of the Center will take place in three phases: planning, construction, implementation. It is a Project for the realization of integrated services according to some priorities: environmental sustainability, integration, economic sustainability, education and learning.

The second project is called “Citrus” and aims to undertake fruit processing in value-added products, such as ice lollies and fruit juices, for the local and international markets. The production facility will be located in the New Juabeng district, in the Eastern Region. The New Juaben Municipality has 52 large communities and the city of Koforidua, which is its capital. We estimate an initial daily production of about 500 kg in fruit juices and ice lollies, obtained by processing about 1000 kg of fruit, with the aim of constantly increasing production. The finished products will generally be free of sugars and with few artificial preservatives.

The third project concerns “Vinafrica”, the only international wine fair in sub-Saharan Africa and whose third edition will be held in Accra on November 29, 2018. Thanks to the constant economic growth of medium-high income families in Africa sub-Saharan, the taste for a new lifestyle includes “curated culinary experiences” is clearly increasing. This led to a strong demand for wines, in particular, in this region.

The event involves numerous European and non-European countries, invited to present their products in an enogastronomic bazaar that combines the dishes to their wines. Vanessa Koko Djaba (CEO of VDB Consultancy and Trade Ghana Ltd who organizes the event) has also scheduled numerous wine tastings, gala evenings, cocktail parties, workshops, BtoB classes and meetings for this edition. Vinafrica aims to attract exhibitors from all over the world and potential buyers from the entire macro region, making Ghana the hub of wine in West Africa. In this context, a relevant space can be reserved for wines from Sicily, which will find new opportunities in a new and growing market.

The fourth project includes “Korai x Kente” and “Afro italian fashion lab”. Korai x Kente (KxK) is developed by the cooperative society “Korai – Territory, Development and Culture – Social Enterprise” and is based on three fundamental values: enhancement of culture, tradition and the creative and manufacturing excellences between Ghana and Sicily.

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