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From 9 to 19 November will take  place in Palermo I-design, the event in which new local designers show their ability to combine tradition with innovation, training with marketing.

A great deal of attention is directed at the millennials for which a Youth Committee composed of students from the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Palermo  created in 2017. The works of millennials are characterized by the fact that different cultural elements blend music, food, performance, art.
A two-day seminar will focus on the issues of migration and climatic conditions that will be the basis of the great Manifesta event scheduled in Palermo in 2018. The seminar will be accompanied by the Aquatecture exhibition, promoted by Associazione H2O Association Nuovi scenari per la sopravvivenza, which addresses the issues of water conservation and saving through the culture of the project, proposing creative solutions elaborated by architects, graphic designers and designers.

The event, sponsored by the GDM Company Giuseppe Di Maria, I-design’s main sponsor, also includes the “Color Architecture” conference, which aims to highlight the role of color as a design component, highlighting the new approaches designed to create unprecedented scenarios for the urban environment, for which new opportunities for social aggregation will be outlined, as well as for the domestic one, to personalize the different areas of the home.
For the first time I-design also chooses a theme: Naturalia / Artificialia is a very large and current theme that encapsulates the concepts of recycling, reuse, sustainability and that within the event will include a series of projects aimed at highlighting innovation and attention to the environment.
I-design then opens up to national museums and institutions, hosting the  Museum of Sant’Anatolia di Narco (PG), promoted by the Umbria Region, which will exhibit the projects drawn up together with the Politecnico di Milano.

Aquatecture mostra

Two historical, contemporary itineraries are planned. The first will contemplate the Sicilian production of the second half of the 19th century through the story of successful stories. This edition focuses on the factories, the Ducrot of Palermo and the Sardine of Acireale.

To tell the story of the liberty period, the We Liberty Association has set up six thematic walking tours, accompanied by a tasteful experience to project the visitor into the culture of the fin de siécle period. A journey through the history of the design of the ‘900 is that proposed by Studio Prestileo Bianco, which opens to the public its own collection of about three hundred objects divided by themes.
A piece of the history of design is also what Pietro Camardella, Pininfarina’s designer, tells us in the exhibition The Shape of Speed, which will show, among other things, the models designed for Ferrari (F40, F50, 456gt the prototype of Mythos).
Among other things, the participation of the Free University of Bolzano with the project Kuno Prey entitled “In vitro veritas” dedicated to wine containers, born of collaboration between students, teachers and companies.

Daniela Brignone, curator I-design

The young designers will be housed in the Longho store of Michele Longo at Palazzo Pintacuda, a splendid seat of liberty, a meeting point for class design that selects the best historical brands, but also new proposals. Exhibits Massimiliano Masellis (Studio MMA) with lamp # Lesson1, Claudia Gambina with Orambù bamboo cane clocks, Mario Musumeci with First Chef stool and A-Flex coat rack, Fabrizio Averna and Marco Sollami (Studio Domino) with Elea lamp and Nido hanger. The Architects’ Order will also enhance the talent of two young Sicilian designers, Carola Arrivas Bajardi, designer of environmentally friendly furnishings, and Rosa Vetrano, the author of a sensory experience to sensitize the protection of the marine environment.

Mayor Leoluca Orlando said that “design is art, design is professionalism, but it is also an excuse to showcase the beauties of a city, business excellence and professional excellence. This too is a reason for pride, because Palermo is also Capital of Culture. Culture is not only artistic culture, but it is also the artistic culture that becomes a professional culture and then becomes an industrial product. That is why it is important that it is promoted by the Ministry for Economic Development with the City of Palermo and that it registers the involvement of the city, even those cultural sites that were once a building site where creativity came to life in industrial products.”

Culture Councilor Andrea Cusumano stressed: “It seems to me further confirmation that sowing on fertile soil, in a city that focuses on culture as a development factor, is yielding its fruit. I-design, as well as many other initiatives, has an institutional character, carries out a public service.”

Carola Arrivas Bajardi, Tavolo Ercole (Table Hercules) and Cigno a dondolo (Cygnet rocking cahir)

The program
I-design will be inaugurated on Thursday, November 9 at 5 pm, at Cinema De Seta, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, via Paolo Gili 4. On this occasion, exhibitions will be exhibited followed by a guided tour. At the Cinema De Seta will inaugurate “Ducrot – Palermo. Quality and profit in industrial production of furniture and furnishings “: a photographic story illustrates the history and production of the factory founded by Vittorio Ducrot. Edited by Eliana Mauro, Carla Quartarone, Ettore Sessa (Issue No. 1 CFP).
Within Le Botteghe, the following exhibitions will be located:
– “Fabric-Action @Palermo”, curated by Polifactory – Politecnico di Milano and Museum of Sant’Anatolia di Narco (PG). A selection of design objects made with hemp. Promoted by Umbria Region, Politecnico Foundation of Milan, Ghenos Communication. Glenda Giampaoli (Director of the Museum) and Patrizia Bolzan (Ph.D in Design, ResearchFellowPolifactory, Politecnico di Milano) will be interviewed (Release 1 CFP).
– “The award-winning Sardella company of Acireale. The first factory in Italy made of steamed wood furniture and chairs “by Giuseppe Arcidiacono, Daniela Brignone, Gianni Di Matteo. The history of one of Sicily’s most innovative and renowned furniture factories in Italy between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Release 1 CFP).
– “Pietro Camardella, the form of speed”, edited by Gianni Pedone. The story of famous Ferrari models (F40, F50, Mythos, 456gt) told by the designer who designed them. With the participation of Angelo Pizzuto, Chairman of the Automobil Club of Palermo, Alessandro LiMuli, President of the Scuderia Ferrari Club in Palermo and Nino Vaccarella and Giosuè Rizzuto (Release 1 CFP).
– Exhibition of Santa Rosalia carriage and sculpture project through an installation. Idea and set up by Andrea Buglisi and Franco Reina. Contributions photos and videos by Germana Sfameli. Promoted by theLiceo Catalano of Palermo (Release 1 CFP)
At the 7 pm, the famous designer Pietro Camardella, designer of Ferrari models, will hold a lectio titled “The Shape of Speed” at Space Cre.Zi Plus, always within the Shipyards (Release 2 CFP).

Claudia Gambina, Orambù watches, at Longho

On Friday, November 10 at 9.30 am, the opening of the seminar of the ADI National Council (Industrial Design Association) will be opened at the GAM (via Sant’Anna 21) entitled “Intermediate Drawings. Design as a Transformation Agent “, promoted by ADI Sicilia. (Release 4 CFP)
At 16 o’clock, Studio Bianco Prestileo (Via del Fervore 15) opens its public collection of objects and design magazines divided into themes. The collection will be open for the duration of the event.
ADI Sicilia, in collaboration with H2O new scenarios for survival, ANCE Palermo, Order of the Architects of Palermo and I-design, inaugurates at 6 pm in the Florio Room of Palazzo Forcella De Seta (Foro Umberto I, 21). Aquatecture exhibition, curated by Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti. (Release 1 CFP).

Fioriera in canapa – Hemp fiber vase

On Saturday, November 11th at 9am, a tour organized by the Weliberty association is planned: “The Lolli Road”, once a country trailer in a suburban area of ​​landowners belonging to the Ajroldi, the Branciforte and La Grua, became the road of modernity and innovation, when in 1891/92 the National Exhibition in Palermo took place. The tour ends with a tasting of a complete “Liberty Palermo” menu, specially designed by the taste anthropologist Valeria Di Trapani in her Zeste kitchen. Cost 69 euros (info and reservations +39 338 4650585 – Duration: 9am to 1 pm, in addition to lunch.
From 11 to 13 and from 2.30 pm to 4 pm, the Gam (via Sant’Anna 21) resumes the work of the seminar of the ADI National Council, entitled “Intermediate Drawings. Design as a Transformation Agent “, promoted by ADI Sicilia. (Release 5 CFP).
At 11.30 am the Oratory of Saints Elena and Constantino (Piazza della Vittoria 23) inaugurates the exhibitions of the designers Carola Arrivas Bajardi and Rosa Vetrano, organized by the Order of Architects of Palermo and Province. The first has eco-friendly furnishings designed to be assembled without the hinges. Rosa Vetrano presents “traMARE”, a sensory installation that evokes the seabed. (CFP Release 1).
A new meeting organized by the Weliberty association entitled “Hot Sea” will take place at 3 pm, following the coast, along piers and sandy beaches will cross the ancient seaside towns of Acquasanta and Arenella to discover a mythological place chosen from the Punic-Phoenician populations to the aristocratic Palestine bourgeoisie of the belle époque. Experience ends with a dinner at Tonnara Florio in Galati and Taormina. Cost 69,00 euros (info and reservations +39
338 4650585 – Duration from 3 pm to 7 pm, in addition to dinner.

At the Museo Ris0 (via Vittorio Emanuele 365) will open the exhibitions “Tiles Tales”, curated by Viviana Trapani, of the University of Palermo. An exhibition of projects and prototypes on the latest and innovative industrial ceramics production of the Industrial Design Laboratory I, Department of Architecture, University of Palermo (Release 1 CFP). And “Hortus Conclusus”, curated by Cinzia Ferrara, of the University of Palermo. A story about the characteristics and history of the botanical element through the alphabetical and iconographic language realized within the Visual Communication Laboratory, Department of Architecture, University of Palermo (Rilascion. 1 CFP). A fun and colorful installation, “The Garden of Magic”, curated by designer Marco Maggioni and realized by the company Ecoplast of Gela (CL), will be set up in one of the courtyards of the museum.
The evening will end with the inauguration at the Longho store (via Libertà 42), which at 7 pm will present the exhibition “In vitro veritas” by Kuno Prey, Free University of Bolzano, a research involving students of Faculty of Design and Arts dedicated to wine and its best container, glass (Release 1 CFP). They will also present exhibitions by Fabrizio Averna and Marco Sollami (Studio Domino), Claudia Gambina, Massimiliano Masellis (Studio MMA) and Mario Musumeci (Mumaoffice) (Release 1 CFP). Inside the evening is a tasting of the excellent wines of the Todaro winery accompanied by musical pieces by Conservatorio V. Bellini of Palermo.

Mostra Hortus Conclusus

On Sunday, November 12 at 9.30 am, the work of Palermo Foodesign Workshop will be opened by the Food Design ADI (Industrial Design Association). The meeting will take place at GAM (via Sant’Anna 21) and will end at 14 (Issue 4 CFP).
In the afternoon, at 5.30 pm, the exhibition “In saecula saeculorum”, inaugurated by Dario Denso Andriolo, inaugurates the Oratory of San Mercurio (cortile San Giovanni degli Eremiti 2), which, taking on the theme of the sacred, describes a trip in an unprecedented dimension in which iconographic art encounters digital sculpture.

On Monday, November 13, at the Santa Marina Gallery (Piazzetta Pietro Speciale 5), a new exhibition space in the heart of the historic center, at 5.30 pm “Borsettando” is inaugurated, an exhibition curated by Professor Angelo Pantina on the design and construction of bags, backpacks and shoulder bags made of materials used and recycled by the students of the Industrial Design Laboratory I, Faculty of Architecture, University of Palermo.

Thursday, November 16, is dedicated to a conference on the themes of color design. The designer Eliana Maria Lorena will be one of the guests of the conference promoted by the historic Sicilian GDM Company, Giuseppe Di Maria, leader in the industry and main sponsor of I-design. At 15.30 in the Lanza Hall of the Palermo Botanical Garden (via Lincoln 2), the work of “Color Architecture” begins, an interesting meeting highlighting the role of color as a design component, highlighting the new stylistic approaches designed to create unpublished scenarios for both the urban and home environment, to personalize the different areas of the home (Release 4 CFP).

On Friday, November 17, Weliberty tours return. The new modern art is a visit to the Municipal Archives, where, in the Damiani Almejda Hall, you can admire some archival records of exceptional rarity and beauty; as well as “the works of the new modern art” of incomparable charm at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna (GAM). The tour ends with a tasting of a menu at SciùRum. Cost euro 69. (info and reservations: +39 338 4650585 – Duration from 9am to 1pm, in addition to lunch
At 6 pm, at the Space Agora (via XII January 2), the exhibition “Phosphene” of the well-known Sicilian designer Giovanni Levanti is opened by Stefania Giacchino and Giovanni Levanti. In exhibition paintings on canvas and wood, mixed paper techniques covering a period of time from the early nineties to today, as well as six special pieces (small dumbbells / poufs) specially designed for this exhibition and made by Camps (Release No. 1 CFP).

Dario Denso Andriolo, In Saecula Saeculorum

On Saturday, November 18, at 9 pm, the “Silence in the Hall” tour will take place, organized by the Weliberty Association, which will take place in Piazza Verdi, starting from the liberty library of Francavilla palace, a historic aristocratic mansion from which you can admire a Teatro Massimo. A pleasant walk that ends with a tasting of a menu specially designed by chef Domenico Basile, at “SciùRum” by Nasser Charles Ayazpour, poet and Persian designer and Ester Badami. Cost Euro 79,00. (info and booking: +39 338 4650585 – Duration from 9am to 1am, in addition to lunch. A new tour organized by the Weliberty Association is scheduled for 15th of July: “Giardino Inglese and Surroundings” is a walk along the Via Liberty, attended by the nineteenth-century merchant bourgeoisie. A relaxing tour in the urban green in touch with nature and history, which ends with a visit to the Liberty Café of the Hotel Mercure Excelsior, tasting a typical Palermitan culinary tradition menu. Cost Euro 79,00. (info and booking: +39 338 4650585 – Duration: 3pm to 7pm, in addition to dinner. At 5pm, at the Galleria S.A.C.S. of the Museo Riso (Via Vittorio Emanuele 365), there will be room for teaching workshops for children. The “L’Orto di carta” project, curated by Ivan Agnello, a professor of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, presents the work of Francesca Cuva, her teacher, to raise children’s awareness of our ecosystem and bring them to the knowledge of some among the most popular aromatic plants. The last day of I-design, on Sunday, November 19th, starts at 9 am with the tour of Weliberty “Il firriato di Villafranca”. The charm of a district of Palermo stretching from the Road of the Lolli (today’s Dante Street) to the new “Road of Liberty” (via Libertà). A pleasant walk that ends with a tasting of a “Liberty Palermo” menu, proposed by the anthropologist of the taste Valeria Di Trapani (Zeste, the kitchen tells). The tour will take place from 9 am to 11 am. There will be a coking class until 13.30 and lunch. Cost Euro 79,00. (info and booking: +39 338 4650585 – Duration from 9am to 1pm, in addition to lunch. At 11am, at the Galleria S.A.C.S. of the Museo Riso (Via Vittorio Emanuele 365), the Children’s Educational Workshop “L’Orto di Carta”, repre- sented by Ivana Agnello, Design Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, is replicated. The event will end in the afternoon, Area of ​​Cultural Heritage at Zisa with the project “Electric Direction” curated by Marina Martines and Gianni Pedone. At 5pm, the video projector of “The Philosophical Room” by Alessandro Guerriero begins, followed by the conference “Multisensory Relationships between Psyche Art and Design” moderated by Gianni Pedone. The “Senso elettrico” action scene with the actors Sergio Coffaro and Arabella Corti, director of Marina Martines will close the day and the VI edition of I-design (Release 2 CFP). Thanks to the collaboration of the Conservatory of Music Vincenzo Bellini and the following music bands: “Souzzquartet”, Roberto Marceddu (guitar), Noemi Palumbo (voice), Gabriele Indelicato (bass), Giulio Scavuzzo (drums); “Suono di Bill”, composed by Vincenzo Salerno (sax), Luca La Duca (guitar), Francesco Cardullo (bass), Andrea Chentrens (drums); Amedeo Mignano (piano), Benedetto Ribaudo (drums), Roberto Romano (guitar), Sofia Ciringione (voice), Maria Concetta Zarbo (voice), “E crescere e capì”; “Sud Cafè”, components of Riccardo Reina (guitar and vocals), Amedeo Mignano (piano), Gabriele Indelicato (bass), Sandro Giambruno (drums)

 Rosa Vetrano, traMARE

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