Teatro Massimo, “Innovation on stage”, the virtual tour behind the scenes

It will be like going upstairs, peering behind the closed curtain and seeing the hectic activity that precedes the start of a show: everything the audience can not see, what coaches, dressmakers, tailors,  electricians, audio technicians, stage directors do. It is “Innovation on stage“, the virtual tour that will be offered tomorrow from 11 am to 9 pm in the Accademia della Scala pavilion and the Tim Foundation, which will take stage in Palermo in Piazza Verdi, next to the Teatro Massimo, after the success of Milan, Bari and Turin.

On the inauguration at 11.00 there will be the superintendent of the Teatro Massimo Francesco Giambrone, the director general of the Teatro alla Scala Luisa Vinci Academy and the director general of the TIM Foundation, Paolo Teoducci.

Visitors will come to an installation where they will not only be able to follow a visual path that will lead them to discover the theatrical professions, but thanks to the 360-degree immersive technologies of Oculus viewers, they will live the experience of climbing on a stage. You will also be able to immerse yourself in the magic of the theater by seeing a theater drawer that will show you how to make a stage suit, but also having a make-up and a hairdo and you will be an expert ready to turn anyone into one of the unforgettable characters work.

At 5.30 pm the grand finale of “Piazza Massimo – Theater Outside the Theater”, live on the screen of Adrianna Lecouvreur from the Great Hall of the Theater, with Angela Gheorhiu – one of   the most famous singers in the world – Daniel Oren on podium, director Ivan Stefanutti and the Baritone of Palermo Nicola Alaimo in the role of Michonnet.

Seating 1 euro.


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