“La Vucciria” the market goes around the world

From Via dei Maccheronai to Viale della Libertà. The historic market of La Vucciria from a physical place turns into a symbol that tells the city of Palermo, with its traditions, its flavors, its excellence and, above all, its faces. And, in particular those faces photographed by the Sicilian artist Matilde Incorpora. Pics that tell the characters that nowaday populate the market that, in 1974, enchanted the painter Renato Guttuso who made him famous with his painting.


La Vucciria by Renato Guttuso

The name of this market derives from the word Bucceria, taken from the French boucherie, which means butchery. The market was in fact initially destined to the slaughterhouse (and in the Angevin era there was one) and the sale of meat. Later it became a market for the sale of seafood, fruit and vegetables.

The staff and the creators of La Vucciria with the band Angelo Daddelli and the Picciotti

The exhibition will be inaugurated Wednesday, December 27 at 6.30 pm at the La Vucciria space in Via Libertà 37H, in the heart of the prestigious boulevard in Palermo, the exhibition “The faces and flavors of Vucciria, yesterday, today and tomorrow”, organized by Diana de Concini and Antonio Di Dio, creators of the concept store that will remain in Palermo until January 6 and that then will move to New York, the first stop of his tour in the world, edited by the export manager Mariano Stancampiano. Free admission, from 10 to 22.

From the products of the land of Sicily, to those of the intellect and creativity of the Sicilians, La Vucciria will bring to the United States, London, Canada, Japan, Australia and even China, the proof of a land that has so much to say and to offer. In addition to food products with the La Vucciria brand, especially oil and bottarga, the concept store will host the illuminations of the Badami family, the pictorial works of the Palermo folk artist Roberto Cavallaro, the traditional coffees of Francesca Sant’Angelo, the ceramics of Elisabetta Castagnetta, the scenographic installations of the architect Alessandra Cerrito.

Hotze Convalis e Peppuccio by Matilde Incorpora

Nya e le amiche bionde (Nya and her blond friends) by Matilde Incorpora

The exhibition
Even the shots of Matilde Incorpora on the faces of Vucciria, will travel with the itinerant concept store, about twenty images made from 2011 to 2014, “To share the memory of the past, – writes Matilde Incorpora – of fellow travelers, of common emotions in that magical place called Taverna Azzurra, where hundreds of people of all nations, of all races, of all cultures and of all ages meet to share joy, love and complicity. Among them Erasmus students, clochards, musicians, dancers, engineers, magicians, professors, merchants, sellers of roses, madmen, drunks, misogynists and revelers and there are also those who, by destiny or necessity, have left us ».

Matilde Incorpora, comes from a family of Sicilian photographers who worked in Palermo from 1860 to 1940. After studying Architecture, she practiced the profession dealing with the design of great works. She has collaborated with the daily newspaper Il Mediterraneo, she has been cultural director of photography magazine Potpourri, she has realized photos and video reportage to draw attention to social and current issues.

The space “La Vucciria” at via Libertà

Il tavernaro compiaciuto (The smug landlord) by Matilde Incorpora

Uomini e donne (Men and women) bu Matilde Incorpora

Rosalba Spagnolo e Mattia Piazza by Marilde Incorpora

Nixons by Matilde Incorpora

Valentina Minutella by Matilde Incorpora

Il ragazzo del bar (The delivery boy) by Matilde Incorpora

Satyananda Dharma Das by Matilde Incorpora

La Vucciria by Matilde Incorpora

Mattia Franchina e Michele Sutera by Matilde Incorpora

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