“I love Europe” a book written with head and heart

Carlo Triolo, a professor, originally from Agrigento, a traveler for passion more than by necessity, has lived for a long time in the main European countries, staying there before and after the adoption of the single currency as well, in 2002.

This allowed Triolo to focus on some fundamental aspects of the community of Europeans, where the word community is understood in its deepest and noblest meaning, that is, a group of individuals united by fundamentals.

Perhaps the limit to the sense of community must be sought in the differences that the various cultures have refined over the centuries, while the foundations and the fundamentals remain the same, for all, as suggested by Francesco Sicurello in the preface to the book.

Triolo in his book “I love Europe – United States of Europe dream or reality” explains clearly why we can not tell us Europeans, and he does it seriously, even when, thanks to his storytelling, he manages to make us laugh too.

Love for his land is great, but this does not prevent him from loving other European countries, nor prevents him from recognizing the factors that sometimes constitute an obstacle to the full development of his land.

At the end Triolo rattles off a varied and entertaining list of things to do to help small communities and prevent depopulation, a list formulated by a friend of his, the countryman Franco Arminio. Among the things to do: learn how to make cheese and relax from time to time to lie on the ground face down!
A glocal perspective, we could conclude, but it would be reductive, because the vision of Triolo seems to keep all together. United Europe, living in balance and harmony, also made up of small communities, small but not for this lacking in so much history, culture and content, to be shared, with all Europe.

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