Work and innovation in healthcare. Two Sicilian start-ups awarded in Europe

Two Sicilian start-ups awarded by the European EIT Health InnoStars program, hosted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

The selected companies, from Italy, Poland, Portugal and Greece, will receive funding to bring their innovations to the market. Among these 15 excellences in the health sector selected in Europe, two are Sicilian: Restorative Technologies and MOODIKA.
The two start-ups will receive a contribution of 50,000 euros and support, managed by the ARCA Consortium which is regional manager of EIT Health, for the creation of a local and international health network within which to circulate their products.

The selected Sicilian startups are:
– Restorative Technologies: spinoff of the University of Palermo, which started off Mindlenses Professional, a project for cognitive rehabilitation. Mindlenses is a system using new technologies for digital rehabilitation, cognitive stimulation and management of patients with disabilities.
– MOODIKA, which created SmartDONOR, an application created to improve the blood donation system, making donor activity more efficient and aware and supporting all activities to promote blood donation.

The Headstart financing program is aimed at startups and small and medium-sized companies that have a well-developed prototype, ready to be promoted in the areas of health, healthy living, active aging and improved healthcare.
The program therefore allows winners to enter a circuit that favors the marketing of their innovative products, supporting their production, promotion and patent protection.

“In the Innostars competition – explains the manager Nuno Viegas – more than 1000 ideas of innovative technologies and prototypes took part, among which the best and most promising start-ups were selected. These are brilliant projects, which operate in the different stages of development of the business, which with our support can become products and solutions ready for the market, which can revolutionize the European healthcare sector and promote an improvement in the quality of people’s lives. ”

In the photo, a prototype of rehabilitation interventions with digital support designed by Restorative Technolgies.

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