“Biblio Road. The visual art in the world of the vinyl”. A book by Filippo Barbaro

"Biblio Road. The visual arts in the world of vinyl” is the book by Filippo Barbaro, thanks to which you can have make a journey in some covers of Italian and foreign illustrators, but also among those newspapers, books and magazines that told about this fascinating world.

"The idea of editing this book was born several years ago when I started broadcasting on a free radio. It was 1977. At that time, as well as in the following years - writes Barbaro in his introduction -, those who bought long playings didn't care about the illustrations of the covers, very often extraordinary and refined  because they were Just interested in the music. Maturity  however, not only makes us grow, but also makes us think about reasons. Here, one day, looking at the cover of an LP, I wondered who that illustration was. From that moment I discovered a world of painters, illustrators, cartoonists and of the many who had to do with drawing and iconography ".

The publication of the covers was authorized by the record companies, which allowed the author to make and offer a guided tour in the memory. The event, scheduled for 6 pm today in Piazzetta Bagnasco, promoted by Mondadori Point in via Villareale and by the association "Piazzetta Bagnasco", the journalist Angelo Scuderi will be present together with the author.

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