Mayor Leoluca Orlando in Bristol for “Global Parliament of Mayors”

Mayor Leoluca Orlando participated in Bristol in Great Britain at the meeting of the “Global Parliament of Mayors”, the association that brings together over 80 mayors of as many cities on all continents with the aim of strengthening the role of local authorities in the development policies on urban security, sustainable development, migration and health.

Among the others were the municipal administrations of Amsterdam, Cape Town, Columbia, Daytona, Gent, Hanover, Hoima, Leicester, Mannheim, Monrovia, Stavanger, The Hague, Warsaw, Sidney, Lahore. Palermo was the only Italian city represented.

The meeting was in particular dedicated to the  role of cities concerning immigration, urban security and health.

In the final Declaration, it was said that the cities must improve their involvment in the decisions of international organizations and ‘UN on the protection of migrants and refugees, promotion of safety through social inclusion and citizen participation, health protection through the development of organic prevention programs in urban areas.

“We found – said Orlando – a great harmony on many issues among the mayors present, especially in affirming the need for national policies on very important issues such as the safety, livability and social cohesion of our communities can not be decided without involve the mayors who, everywhere in the world, represent the point of contact between the institutions and the citizens”.

“Once again, -said Orlando – the model of Palermo has been appreciated as a city that has placed at the center of its politics dialogue, hospitality and solidarity as engines of social development that aims to guarantee security for all. “

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