The treasures of the tsars in an exhibition in Palermo

The treasures of the tsars in Palermo. The exhibition  from 11 October to 11 December in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Sant’Elia will show paintings, watercolors, period costumes, porcelains, bronzes, furniture, handicraft and objects belonging to the tsars. The exhibition entitled “The century of museums, 100 masterpieces of the imperial residences of Russia: Peterhof, Tsarskoe Selo, Gatchina, Pavlovsk”, curated by Olga Barkovets, is included in the bill of Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018.

The exhibition is coordinated by Antonio Ticali and Elena Kalnitskaya, director of the Gmp Peterhof.

The discovery of the painting depicting the Foro Italico, made on the occasion of the emperors’ visit to Palermo, is particularly appreciated by  from Palermo which have crowded the inauguration. Very beautiful items of furniture including a parafaville of rare beauty and sumptuousness, as well as the gold and pink armchairs, so large and baroque.

Pleasant to stop to admire clothes belonging to Russian kings and queens, as well as high military uniforms.

Two exemplars of the decorative panels of the emperor’s studio in Peterhof are also exhibited, while a section is dedicated to the journey of Nicholas I and his wife Alexandra in Italy between 1845 and 1946.

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