“Food and feeling”. Some travel’ note of a chinese traveller

I came to Italy from China and ate in some special restaurants.
Today we are talking about ristorante pizzeria “Rusticotto” a restaurant in Palermo, the capital of Sicily.
In the impression of many Chinese, Sicilian cuisine is very well known, and if you find a good restaurant, you will be rewarded.
For example, today I tasted this food prepared by the chefs Salvò Dantoni and Giuseppe Sferrazza and once again I praised it!

This pleasant experience I shared with the staff members of the Club Corone Sicilia & Federation of Sicilian Pastry Chefs – president Aldo Palmeri.

The restaurant environment, managed by the general manager Giacomo Amato, is warm and elegant, clean and comfortable. The wine glasses are transparent and beautiful, and the plan is very pleasant with my meal. Every food was served by a dignified, courteous and courteous waiter, and when I asked about the method for having a snack, chef Salvò D’Antoni explained it to me in detail. Each dish is not only full, but also of the right quality and taste. Not only did I eat authentic Sicilian specialties, but I also learned how to do it. Especially the last dessert, let me have a good aftertaste, I think I will try it again in the future.
When you’ve had good food and drink, good service, whether it’s a chef or a service staff, you’ll greet with a smile. I feel that they are all competent, well-trained, very nice people, and they give me this great respect.
Thanks, we will have the chance to meet again.

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