A series of interventions will restructure the port of Trapani

A series of interventions will restructure the port of Trapani

The new Fast Ferry Terminal  for passengers waiting for boarding for the Egadi Island swill be ready before summer. The project, now imminent, is set up as a trilithite that houses various functions, including: an indoor ticket office with eight workstations, a covered outdoor parking area with large wooden seats, a bar with an area of outdoor space and an air-conditioned waiting room for about 70 people, with attached toilets. The aim is to give maximum comfort to users in transit to the islands rispecting the landscape.

The progress of the work was presented in Trapani by the president of the Western Sicilian Sea Port Authority, Pasqualino Monti, in the presence of the mayor of Trapani Giacomo Tranchida, of the maritime director of Western Sicily and commander of the Port Authority of Palermo , Roberto Isidori, of the commander of the Harbor Office of Trapani, Franco Maltese, and of the secretary general of the AdSP of the western Sea of ​​Sicily, rear-admiral Salvatore Gravante. pre- existing pavement on the quay for an additional 443.00 square meters compared to the area occupied by the terminal which is 685.78 square meters (80.68×8.50 m).

The interventions are nearing completion, and therefore already identifiable on the places, the fundamental structural elements and in elevation. The generating principle of the project was to maintain maximum transparency and physical and perceptive continuity, which exists today, between the waterfront and its city front, a characteristic feature of this city-por. The executive design of the Trapani Cruise – RoRo Terminal will be completed next April and the estimated cost is 3 million euros. The reconfiguration of the maritime station and the areas of relevance concerns the entire waterfront, and the rebuilding of the fence that currently exists on the Regina Elena and Ammiraglio Staiti streets, almost to the proximity of the new Trapani Fast Ferry Terminal. The preparatory procedures for the dredging of the port to guarantee a depth of -11 m in the port and -10 m inside the port. The sediments to be handled will be about 1,300,000mc. For the improvement of entry and mooring maneuvers even of large ships, we will proceed to “haul” a large part of the Ronciglio pier, so as to guarantee a port access channel of approximately 250 m wide.  

The port authority started to cooperate with the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo for the preparation of the Regulatory Plan of the Port System, complete with all the prerequisites, including design, preparatory to the drafting of the new master plan for the port of Trapani. The current one dates back to 1962.

During the press conference the president of the Western Sicily Sea Port Authority, Pasqualino Monti and the mayor of Trapani, Giacomo Tranchida, also signed an agreement for the programming of the interface areas in synergy city-port. “It is – Monti explained – a useful agreement for the identification of economic and productive development strategies linked to the interaction between the port and the territory”.

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