“Now it’s magic” in Palermo dreams come true


In a distant galaxy the People of the Stars live in peace, as long as their well-being is due to a fragment of the most ancient and luminous star. The bitter enemy Ozon, of the Black Planet wants to take possession of it and for this Antares, the king of the People of the Stars, decides to hide the precious fragment in Palermo, where a chosen one can find it and keep it, helped by three stars, Now, the dad, It’s the child, Magic, the mother.

It’s the setting within which will unfold the saga of Now It’s Magic, the comic book series conceived and created with great passion by Danilo Terrana, Palermo, for years employed to escort the mayors of the city and now assigned to environmental protection.

A comic book that takes place in Palermo, and full of optimism and enthusiasm.

“In 2012 I got 600 free tickets to see a Disney movie, I collaborated with the casa-famiglia (a place where people, most af all children, having problems are hosted) and so I decided to bring these children to the cinema, managing to find some Palermo companies that donated popcorn and cakes and a company that sells toys donated the toys, which were worth as a strenna, in fact we were under Christmas.It was a wonderful experience.Working with Save the Children and making the “now It’s Magic Show” has developed the project of the comic, with the idea that dreams they can become reality, in fact the screenwriter Caterina Florà realized her dream, which was to be a screenwriter. “

How is this idea born?

“It seems born now and by chance, but actually comes from afar.I started drawing at the age of 3. Then I became fond of superheroes, like all children, but later understanding many things about the value function that these figures play and on their positive messages. “

Which are the messages of Now It’s Magic?

“Now It’s Magic characters make a healthy life, they do not smoke, they do not drink, they have outdoor lives and physical activity, there are five children of different ethnic backgrounds on the cover, bullying is fought so the comic has been presented and distributed in schools, where teachers have discussed their contents with children. “

Why Palermo and not an imaginary place?

“Since I was a child I have known and loved the places of the superheroes, the skyscrapers, the Daily Planet, which is then New York, I thought to divulge the beauty of Palermo, in fact in the comic strip there are the places with the most beautiful monuments, including the Castle Utveggio, the Teatro Massimo, Piazza Pretoria, the Quattro Canti, Palazzo dei Normanni and the Cappella Palatina. “

Who made the drawings?

“I entrusted the realization to many young unknown designers. All very good. I managed to put together the Marvel style and the Disney style, returning to the pre-manga style.”

Other projects?

“We plan to carry out about forty episodes and above all to release them in four languages, including English and Arabic, to distribute them abroad, both on paper and on the Internet.”


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