A scholarship for those who graduate with a thesis in international subjects. The assembly of the Palermo Consuls


The Consular Body of Palermo will award a scholarship of one thousand euros to a foreign student who will graduate with an international thesis at the University of Palermo. To initiate all the necessary procedures, a mandate was given to Davide Farina, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland, and to Antonio Cosenz, Honorary Consul of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The details for the award of the scholarship will be defined in synergy with the University of Palermo.

The institution of the scholarship was decided during the annual assembly of the Consular Corps

of Palermo, which took place at Villa Niscemi. The Assembly was presided over by the Dean Irene Salcher-Cillari, Honorary Consul of Austria, flanked by the General Secretary Antonio Di Fresco, Honorary Consul of South Korea.

The Consular Corps has also officially welcomed the Consuls General of the Russian Federation and the Consul General of Morocco.

Irene Salcher Cillari

In addition to the approval of some administrative aspects, the program of various initiatives that will be carried out during the year 2018 has been discussed and it has been decided that the cultural initiatives of the individual Consulates will be promoted and sponsored by the Consular Corps, so they can also be included in the cultural programs of the city of Palermo.

“We are aware – they explain from the Consular Corps of Palermo – of the important role that the Consular Corps plays, as well as for the services that are given to foreign citizens present in the Sicilian territory, also for the great visibility that is given abroad to our city . It is, in fact, thanks to all the Consuls that, often, Palermo has been visited by foreign personalities, Ambassadors, Ministers, Heads of State, as well as numerous exponents of the world of culture, art and economy “.

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