The Conservatory of Palermo presents the 2018 program. A very rich one

With the 2018 program the Conservatory of Palermo prove itself to be a prestigious teaching and active cultural center, a veritable training and musical production workshop open to the city as well. The Conservatory, pays particular attention to its young talents and the enhancement of the presences that have made the history of music in Sicily and beyond . The inaugural concert, at the Teatro Massimo on March 4th at 6 pm, is one of the first significant events of the “Palermo, the Italian capital of culture” events. On the stage the Bellini Symphony Orchestra, directed by Carmelo Caruso, and the Choir of the Conservatory, Chorus master Fabio Ciulla, music by Brahms.
“In this year in which Palermo is the Italian capital of culture, the main theme of the Season, which opens in a European perspective with the neoclassicism of Brahms, will be the valorisation of Sicilian and Palermo musicians and composers”, explains director Gregorio Bertolino .

Gregorio Bertolino

“After celebrating 400 years of history, the Conservatory is part of the extraordinary cultural year that will live in Palermo, as one of the most dynamic and fundamental landmarks in the city”, says president Gandolfo Librizzi.

Gandolfo Librizzi

The calendar – complete in its definition of dates and locations until July – presents concerts, institutional projects, conferences, activities for students, master classes, workshops with the Goethe Institut aimed at the classes of Composition and Electronic Music, events in collaboration with the Fondazione Teatro Massimo and the Amici della Musica Association.

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