Tomorrow the first session of “Council for Peace”

Tomorrow will officially take office the “Council for Peace, Human Rights and Nonviolence
Disarmament “, an institute approved by the City Council in 2015. To convene the first session in Palazzo delle Aquile at 6.30 pm was the president of the Municipal Council Salvatore Orlando. The first act of the 54 representatives who have regularly submitted the application for registration will be to choose a spokesperson.


Council for Peace confirm the will of the municipal administration to intervene on the matters of Peace and Nonviolence, through the Department of the School, in collaboration with Francesco Lo Cascio, President of MIR (International Movement
Reconciliation) Palermo, as well as spokesman for the Committee for Non-Violence, Peace, Human Rights, composed of the institution promoting associations and the Office of the Council for Peace. This work of sensitization to these issues, implemented by the associations, has enabled the Administration to join the Coordination of Local Authorities for Peace and Human Rights, the initiatives of the Perugia-Assisi March, and the mayor, the international organization Mayors for Peace, “With the establishment of the Council for Peace – commented the Mayor Leoluca Orlando and the President of the Municipal Council Salvatore Orlando – our city adds to the Palermo mosaic an important new and crucial piece of civilization confirming the cultural change and its ability to be a place of welcome, equality, integration and against any kind of violence and discrimination.

Palazzo delle Aquile

The Council for Peace will have these purposes:

– education for dialogue and peace, non-violence, for knowledge, for the defense and respect of human rights, disarmament and active work against the war and his rejection as a means of conflict resolution, for the global community and to interculturalism, recognition and respect for differences, solidarity, sustainable development, for active  participation, to self decision-oriented consensus, respect and promotion of the rule of law, civil and peaceful coexistence;

– the promotion and support of non-violent conflict resolution, from interpersonal relationships to the reports of national and international cooperation and solidarity, the promotion and support of justice among peoples and relations between states, disarmament, diplomacy popular, the local democracy embassies and civilian peace corps;

– the affirmation of multiculturalism with special attention to the reception and the theme of diversity;

– initiating and strengthening of twinning relationships;

– the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals;

– help support the commitment to a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Middle-East, for peace and a new flourishing development in the Mediterranean and for the construction of a Europe of cities and citizens, intercultural and cozy against all forms of prejudice , social exclusion and xenophobia;

– the guarantee of the rights of objection of conscience to military, and the national and European civil service.

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