The Trapani Fast Ferry Terminal was inaugurated with a ticket office, bar and air-conditioned waiting area

They were present at the inauguration together with president Monti, Giacomo Tranchida, and rear-admiral Roberto Isidori, maritime director of western Sicily and commander of the port authority of Palermo.

“In these first two years at the helm of the AdSP of the western Sicilian Sea – Monti said – we worked to restore order in the ports of the network with a series of necessary demolition and infrastructural works. That of Trapani is the first new construction that was born in one of our ports and I am proud of the very short construction times and the respect of the fund used for the implementation of the work. Naturally we will not stop, we are working for dredging, for the Ronciglio hauling, for the overall maintenance of the airport and for the arrangement of the existing maritime station. I don’t want the Latinists for the bold reinterpretation of a famous quote that I make my own: “Primum facere, deinde comunicare”. Because, I am convinced, we do not build a reputation with what we intend to do but with what we do “.

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