Francesco Giambrone, superintendent of Teatro Massimo, appointed a member of the Board of Directors of Opera Europa

Important recognition for Francesco Giambrone. The superintendent of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo and President of the National Association of Italian Opera Symphonic Foundations, has been appointed a member of the Board of Directors of Opera Europa, the international organization based in Brussels and which gathers among its members more than 200 European opera houses.

The appointment took place on the occasion of the extraordinary General Assembly of Opera Europa members and the annual conference in which the Superintendent was invited by the director Nicholas Payne (below) to present a report on the programs of the Teatro Massimo and in particular on the social activities produced in recent years.

“A cultural institution that wants talk together with the city, must have a vision, the widest possible, and deal with Europe, today more than ever. For this – he declared Leoluca Orlando mayor of Palermo and President of the Teatro Massimo Foundation – the recognition of Francesco Giambrone’s professionalism is a recognition of the entire Teatro Massimo in Palermo, now engaged with greater responsibility and international prestige “

Francesco Giambrone, unanimously appointed to the board of directors, was invited to speak at the annual conference of Opera Europa with a report on the “social” activities carried out by the Teatro Massimo in favor of the most disadvantaged areas of the city such as the ancient site Danisinni and the new quarter the Zen.

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