Tenth edition of the meeting “Le Giornate dell’Economia del Mezzogiorno”

Will be presented on Thursday 9 November the 10th edition of “Le Giornate dell’Economia del Mezzogiorno”, the Days of the Economy of the South and the 32nd Economic Sistem Outlook, 2018 Forecasting the future. The presentation will take place at 3pm  in the Council Room of the Port Authority System of the Sea of ​​Western Sicily (1st floor – via Piano dell’Ucciardone 4 – Palermo), in the presence of President Pasqualino Monti, Professor Pietro Busetta, President of the Foundation Curella, Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, Diste Consulting President Alessandro La Monica, President of Irfis Alessandro Dagnino, Giuseppe Leo, Human Resources Manager of Banca Popolare Sant’Angelo, Fabio Giambrone, President of Gesap, and members of the Scientific Committee of “Le Giornate dell’Economia del Mezzogiorno”.


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