Music for peace. The Conservatory becomes humanitarian

Music as a communication and understanding instrument, a link of peace and solidarity, in the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the institute, born to give shelter and support to the lost children of Palermo.

It will start the next May 27th in Lampedusa with the boy sopranos choir, conducted by Maestro Antonio Sottile, which will performe sacred music from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

An orchestra of migrant citizens, Libera orchestra comigrantes will be formed, organized and hosted within the Conservatory. The orchestra on September 23 will participate in Peace Drums, the sound of drums for peace and dialogue in the Mediterranean. The concert will start at evening in Lampedusa. then other musicians will follow from Venice, Istanbul, Izmir, Beirut, Gaza, Tel Aviv, Alexandria, Tunisia, Cyprus, Barcelona, Marseille, Palermo and other cities and they all will be connected in streaming.

From left: Giacinto Di Bernardo, creator of the logo, Maestro Antonio Sottile, President Gandolfo Librizzi, Director manager Daniele Ficola

Next year young Muslim, Christian and Jew musicians coming from the Euro-Mediterranean basin will formally gather in Palermo capital of culture to consolidate a link of understanding, strengthen common values and the ideals that music carries and, together, cultivate peace.

The Conservatory intends to promote a crowdfunding campaign involving small and big supporters. To do this they will be invited as testimonial many personalities of national and international importance to animate solidarity projects and support fundraising for specific events. The first to adhere to President Gandolfo Librizzi’s call are Mohamed Ba, Andrea Camilleri, Mimmo Cuticchio, Emma Dante, Erri De Luca, Jacopo Fo, Francesco Guccini, Dacia Maraini, Luca Mercalli, Giusi Nicolini, Alex Zanotelli Of Sant’Egidio and the Associations Anthropos and Recosol – Network of Cities for the World.

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