Palermo more and more an international city

A dossier on work done and to be done. This is the content of a dossier that mayor Leoluca Orlando presented to the city. A document “which is a work of synthesis and systemization of what has been done in these years and of presenting the prospects for relations and investments that the city offers in a framework of increasingly broader and more consolidated international relations.” Results achieved on different fronts, involving institutions like  the University, the CNR, the Teatro Massimo and the Villa Sofia – Cervello hospital as well, which cooperate with foreign counterparts “contributing significantly to the internationalization of the city.” Responding to the journalists, the Mayor explained that “this work certainly is and can be more useful in the relations that the city and the administration will have with potential foreign partners and investors, whether they are Chinese or American, Australian or German.” such partnerships can turn into a “sell-off” of assets, the mayor counters by saying that “it is neither a sale, but the construction of relationships and partnerships that we imagine can be useful for everyone.” During the press conference Orlando has talked about the upcoming visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, scheduled for Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March The geopolitical importance of Palermo and Sicily was highlighted by Orlando, which defined Sicily as a hub of the Mediterranean, at the center of the Mediterranean, a hub between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In this perspective the activities of the Island must be imagined and planned.

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