The Conservatory of Palermo: 400 years of history

The Conservatory of Palermo: 400 years of history is the title of the international conference that from 26th to 28th October will take place in Palermo. International renowned historians of music and scholars will talk about past events and the future of one of the oldest conservatories in Italy . The Scientific Committee is composed by Anna Tedesco from the University of Palermo, Daniele Ficola, Giuseppe Collisani, Anna Maria Sollima, Carlo Fiore, all professors of Music History at the Institute. Among the most significant guests are Helen Geyer (Hochschule für Musik Franz Lizst of Weimar), Michel Noiray (IreMus-Institut de recherche en musicologie – CNRS, Paris), Antonio Rostagno, La Sapienza, Rome, Giulia Giovani and Claudio Bacciagaluppi (Hochschule der Künste, Bern).

“The Palermo Conservatory – said Anna Tedesco – is part of the conservatories on which the modern international music conservators are based” .

At the opening of the conference, at 9.15 pm at the Politeama Garibaldi, a concert performed by Orchestra Sinfonica Bellini, directed by Carmelo Caruso with Cristoph Hartmann, oboe of the prestigious Berliner Philarmoniker, and tenor Francesco Parrino. Will be play the IX Symphony in E minor by Antonin Dvořák and Qui tollis, solo tenor with oboe obbligato and orchestra by Antonino Pasculli, a famous oboist Palermo born, who lived over the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, of which most of the music, including the song we will listen, are preserved at the Conservatory Library. On the 27th at 6.30 pm a concert by Giovanni La Mattina will inaugurate in Sala Scarlatti the new organ of the Conservatory. At 9.15 pm at the Conservatory will be performed a concert of Balarm Sax Orchestra directed by Giuseppe Palma with the prestigious solo participation of saxophonist Michel Supéra. On 28 October at 6 pm in Sala Scarlatti a jazz concert of the Trio by Giuseppe Urso, host guitarist Paolo Sorge. Numerous musical interventions will be interlinked between one and the other with songs related to the content of the contributions of the speakers. The sopranos Antonina Alessi and Lina Lo Coco, her students Federica Guida and Lia Battaglia, pianists Fabio and Cristina Ciulla, Massimiliano Seggio, cymbalist Lorenzo Profita, and the very young  pianist Rosa Maria Macaluso will perform between the speeches.


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