Interview with Gregorio Bertolino, new director of Conservatory “Vincenzo Bellini”

Next month You wil be appoint the new director of Conservatory “Vincenzo Bellini”. How are You going to shape your management?

Gregorio Bertolino: “Surely I will go on the same way of my predecessor, Mister Daniele Ficola, who has had, together with the president, Mister Gandolfo Librizzi, a very important idea, leading the Conservatory among the people, in the city. And this was possible thank to the partnership with the Municipality and other authorities and institutions. I discover that people want have more music, the recently performances of the pianist playing piano in the streets show this”.

So You think also to improve the initiatives with international partners.

GB: “Absolutely. International Rostrum in Palermo was a very good happening. We will improve our activities with international partners. And will involve more and more the scholars in this activities as well”.

What about the managing of the Conservatory?

GB: “First of all, we have to reconsider the use of the spaces and the rooms of the Conservatory. Many spaces aren’t used at all”.

And concerning the scholars?

GB: “The Conservatory counts 1,500 scholars, which is a big number. The most important thing is to develop their activities out of the Conservatory, planning performances with the most possible number of audiences getting involved authorities and institution and private companies as well, preparing the scholars for the future, waiting to celebrate the next 400 years”.


From left: Daniele Ficola, outgoing director, Gandolfo Librizzi president, Gregorio Bertolino

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