Diet and Spartak spirit

As I stepped into the dining room’s foyer, the Spartak bronze statue caught my eyes: he was mighty and guarded the hall. The classical torch light casts a faint light, making the whole restaurant elegant and quiet. The soft saxophone fills the entire restaurant, slowly and slowly occupying my heart, calm and warm. Polite and polite waiters, quiet guests, whispering from time to time, the environment is quiet and beautiful. This meal is the “concorso corone d’oro” restaurant.

This restaurant focuses on seafood cooking, and each dish is infused with the chef’s skills, fresh but not greasy. My favorite is a special dessert: a cool, sweet and sour lemon ice cream that makes me a refreshing dinner with a local speciality.
Come here to eat, not only enjoy the authentic food, but also experience the classical Spartak spirit, which is a very meaningful cultural experience for me as a foreigner.


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