The Club Corone Sicilia & Federation of Sicilian Confectioners Artists. “Il Giullare”, restaurant in Alcamo

As a member of the Club Corone Sicilia & Federation of Sicilian Pastry Chefs, I came to the picturesque city of Alcamo. I experienced its excellence in Sicilian cuisine, but I’m even more impressed by the restaurant I met today, “Il Giullare”, whose name is inspired by the great poet and jester Ciullo d’Alcamo. .

In addition to the beautiful and exquisite food, the restaurant is clean and welcoming, the restaurant is elegantly designed in color and each dish highlights the characteristics of the dish: the senses are satisfied, and the food is rich and attractive. Each dish reveals the care and skill of the chef. Here, not only is the food delicious, but the artistic atmosphere is equally pleasant in everything. Today’s tasting. I deeply understand that in the catering sector, Sicily is truly a land of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”!

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