Internship camp summer 2019 gets to the heart of its activities

The Internship Camp Summer 2019 season gets to the heart of its activities, linking students from universities and foreign schools with local companies.

Altogether 75 students took part in the Summer 2019 edition of Internship camp, against 300 internship requests, coming from the most prestigious European universities and “business schools”, all of different nationalities and currently located between Balestrate and the district of the Gulf of Castellammare. There are French, Chinese, Russian, German, Indian.

There are 15 partner companies operating in the field of consulting, agro-wine production, associations, tourism, real estate, design, training and startups. They have joined the Internship camp, in the winter and summer editions, AssociazioneTuristica, ABC Strategie, Adragna Pet food, Centro Studi Formazione, Case del Golfo, Remax Investment, Hotel Marina Holiday, Immobiliare Curcurù,, Puleo wine manufacturing, Coolumbus, MyOp , Marina di Balestrate (Porto management),,

An experience so summarized by Piero Tuzzo, director of business development StSicily: «Pierpaolo Pasolini had already made a distinction between progress and development, referring the latter to the territory. StSicily aims at sustainable development, aiming to improve the condition of local businesses and creating synergies with foreign universities and students from all over the world. This year we have created two-level internships, second-level interns have gained specific experiences and in the companies they work with they act as team leaders ».

Vito Rizzo, mayor of Balestrate: «Initiatives such as Internship camp have the merit of enhancing our natural attractors, making Balestrate known but not only: also a corner of western Sicily, the Gulf of Castellammare, a tourist channel to be promoted abroad. An initiative to share and enhance “.

Vincenza Mione, dean of the Itet Caruso of Alcamo: «School-formation-youth-enterprise: we cannot but be favorable to experiences like this, so that the young people can understand that studying is not something that is lost but a spendable acquisition on the territory”.

Rosaria Petruso, Residence Petruso: «We have almost reached the end of this experience with these guys who have enriched us on a human as well as a business level. We feel very satisfied with their contribution, they helped us implement a part of the work that we could hardly have done with Italian students. We will repeat the experience next year as well “.

Benedetto Lo Piccolo, CeSPeD director: «For students it is an opportunity, they learn the Italian educational system. For our part, we build a new way of training in synergy with mainly French universities. We can become partners of young people who want to do research and development throughout Europe ».

Enzo Romano, owner of the company Remax Investments: “We believe in this project, the real estate market relates specifically with tourism. This is certainly an important aspect that our company, present in over one hundred countries, has positively evaluated ».

Anna Torres, Marine D-Marina di Balestrate: «The contribution of foreign students in recreational boating is useful for us to create and deepen different markets, first of all the French one. The students who do the internship with us essentially create contacts with the countries of origin, facilitating us in some activities, for example in the organization of the charters ».

Initiatives that intertwine with the stories of the boys, true protagonists of Internship camp, who thus tell their summer in Sicily.

Ankith Karkera, Skema Business School: «I come from India, I am a business student and I work as a project manager in this Internship camp, a unique opportunity to share experiences that I can suggest to anyone who wants to learn about Sicily and learn a working method ».

Deekshith Shetty, Skema Business School: “I study in France, Internship camp is a great opportunity for me, acting as a team leader, to be able to share my experience with first level kids. The synergy between local companies and European universities is an initiative that I can define as unique ».

Fadwa Moubarakki, Institut Supérieur de commerce de Toulouse: «I come from Morocco and live in France. Business study at the University of Toulouse. For St Sicily, a company where I am doing my internship, I am making videos to promote Sicily and Balestrate in the world. It is always interesting to study and understand new languages and new cultures, here I am improving my English and evaluating new working horizons ».

Among the schools and universities that joined the initiative: Skema Business School, Sup De Vente, Lycée Alfred Mézières, Aix Marseille, Lycée Monfort, ISCT Toulouse, La Pleiade, Schuman High School, Lycée A. Schweitzer, La Providence, Lycée Notre Dame de Boulogne, Lycée Notre Dame Du Grand Camp, Lycée Perrier, Lycée Édouard Ghent.

In the definition phase, for Internship camp 2020, the agreements with other schools and universities in Moscow, China, Germany, Sweden and Spain.

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