Orlando “The arrival of the President of China is the best time for us to promote Palermo in the world”

The mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando said in an interview with journalists that Sicily and Palermo welcome Chinese investments and Chinese tourists, as long as Palermo hope to have a “One Belt, One Road” gateway to the Mediterranean. Orlando hopes that after President Xi’s visit,  cooperation with China will introduce more opportunities. Sicily is the largest island in Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean. Palermo is the largest city and shipping center of the island, it has more than two thousand years of history, with the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs , the Byzantines, the Normans … The civilizations of the Mediterranean region have left their mark here. Former Italian Prime Minister Prodi described Palermo as a place of convergence of Eastern and Western civilizations, as “a paradise that has not been explored”.
“China is one of the most important economies in the world: the visit of the Chinese President to Palermo is an important opportunity for us, we hope to use this important opportunity to demonstrate our existence and show our image to the world.” Leoluca Orlando thinkss that this visit can have great importance in promoting the role of Palermo in China’s tourism cooperation and in attracting Chinese investments: “We want to play an important role in the ever closer cooperation between Italy and China, we want to attract Chinese tourists. And the investor’s message is – come to Sicily, to Palermo!”
Entering Leoluca Orlando’s office, the first thing that comes to mind is a big red” Fu “. The gift of the new year presented to him by the local Chinese community was placed in the most important position of the office, meaning that the history of Chinese integration in the local community demonstrates living and working in peace and contentment: “There are many Chinese living in Palermo giving a helping hand to local development. I have participated in the celebrations for the new year of the Chinese community and I have also received good luck gifts: the interaction with the local Chinese community has left me very happy memories. “Walking for the streets of Palermo you can see everywhere shops runned by Chinese people. Leoluca Orlando said that thousands of Chinese live and work in Palermo and have created a large number of jobs in various sectors through economic activities. “I want to thank the Chinese for their presence in Palermo and thank them for their unique and important contributions.”
“We should deepen our cooperation with China: as far as I know, the Italian government will reach a series of important collaborations with China this week. What I want to say is that Palermo must have a place in these important collaborations.” Leoluca Orlando said that if Milan is the “European Capital” of Italy, then Palermo is the “Capital of the Mediterranean” of Italy: Palermo is a combination of history and innovation, it is the “city of the Middle East” in Europe – we are close to Istanbul, Beirut, Jerusalem, but at the same time we have trams and wireless networks that represent modern life. ”
“We hope to be” along the way “at a meeting point in the region, towards the Mediterranean. ‘Leoluca Orlando hopes that through participation’ along the way ‘we will build development together with China through ports, airports, production, the Internet, close cooperation in commerce, tourism, culture and even in the field of smart cities 5G. As for the image of tourism in Palermo and Sicily, Leoluca Orlando said that for decades the fame of Palermo had been plagued by the mafia, and now, after a long restoration, the city is among the safest in Italy
“For as far as I know, there are so many Chinese tourists visiting Italy, I want to tell them that visiting Palermo will be the best choice. “Leoluca Orlando said that Palermo is an international city actively promoting the integration of different countries and nations : residents come from 126 different countries and use 100 languages. “As a city, we are very proud to welcome President Xi.” Leoluca Orlando presented to the delegation the “Palermo Development Plan 2030″ report”.
“The arrival of the President of China – he said – is the best time for us to promote Palermo in the world”.

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