Opening tomorrow the second edition of Palermo Street Food Fest

This year the gastronomic village will be even bigger, including Via Roma, starting from Central Station and arriving to Piazza San Domenico, Piazza Sant’Anna and Piazza Croce dei Vespri and will offer a very extensive gastronomic route where you can taste 35 different dishes from around the world. This event aims to assert Palermo as the international capital of street food and the participation of 35 exhibitors from around the world, with Brazilian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Thai, and many Sicilians and Palermo companies, makes possible the idea of ​​combining many different cultures under the rite of street food.

Not only arancine, panelle, croquettes and stigghiole, unassailable monuments of the art of cooking of Palermo, but also to Ariccia Porchetta IGP, the lamprey, crescentine, the Neapolitan fried pizza, the Abruzzi kebabs and many other specialties from all over Italy.

The Palermo Street Food Fest will host a number of chefs from around the world.

You will enjoy many dishes from the 4 corners of the world as the Kottu Roddy, typical of Tamil street food dish, or the Tunisian Brik, the Kachi Biryani Pakistani preparation based on basmati rice and chicken, and then again on Kebab and Falafel Palestinian, Brazilian Coixinha, a sort you fried imballino with vegetables and chicken pieces and many other specialties: the Pad Thai Thai, the Fish & Chips British, Bratwurst and German Kraut and also from Germany the Kartoffel puffer, delicious   potato pancakes with apples syrup.

Not miss the desserts: cannoli, cassatelle of Castellammare, the Hungarian Kurtos, homemade ice cream, the fried cheese with irises, the Catanese syrups, fresh seasonal fruit and many other delicacies.
There will be over twenty artists who will perform on three stages set on Via Roma, Piazza San Domenico and Piazza Sant’Anna within a busy schedule that includes live music, dance performances, cabaret, DJ sets, traveling and entertainment much else.

It begins Thursday, April 20 with Original Sicilian Style at 21.30 in Via Roma, a musical project born in 2011 from the encounter of five musical artists, active for many years in the reggae scene in Catania. While in Piazza Sant’Anna will perform at the same time Acoustic Brothers guitar, ukulele and percussion with cover and authorial pieces. At 22:00 you can reach the stage in Piazza San Domenico to listen Tre Terzi, with a repertoire ranging from the Rhythm and Blues, to ’70s rock, fusion influences and ample room for improvisation.

Friday, 22 will perform Chiaramente band which ranges from classical to pop-rock to the latest dance hits, Oak & TheMerrow, a duo that has its roots in folk Nordic to get to the Anglo-American contemporary, and again Jack & the Starlighters and Passpartù the band. There is also room for a moment of cabaret with Gianfranco Ponte and his homage to Totò, Prince of laughter. To conclude dancing under the stars and the DJs Democrazia Tropicale, afro beat and South American sounds, Rollin Fred, swing and 50s and Lucy Bel Vonhell.

Saturday will be the music of Luca Burgio & Maison Pigalle, a unique mix of gypsy atmospheres manouche guitars, woodwinds mariachi and folk Sicilian and again I We Man, an acoustic band led by Paola Russo, characterized by a strong eclecticism and a sought originality and MALARMA. They conclude the evening  DJ set and the musical show of Portolatino.

On Sunday you can dance to the rhythm of samba with Edimar Samba Ensemble with the participation of maestro Vincenzo Palermo and FALABRASIL band, at 20.30 it’s the time of The Store in Piazza San Domenico, which will offer a repertoire of international covers with pieces funk-rock & dance, while in Piazza Sant’Anna we will laugh in the company of the Wizard Plip.

Will be going around letting you dance the groups of samba school percussion LA LAUE ‘, Bira Dos Santos and his group of capoeira and traditional folk dances of Ancient Sicily group.

200 students of architecture department  have designed some kiosks, whose models will be on display at Piazza Sant’Anna, while some will even be made and used during the event.


The event is organized by the Sicilian society AdMeridiem sponsored by the town of Palermo, University of Palermo and the courses of studies in Agricultural Science and Technology and Architecture, Confindustria, Confesercenti, Federalberghi, Confartigianato, CNA, LegaCoop, House Artisans, Libera Terra, ITIMED Cultural Association Mediterranean routes, IDIMED Institute for the Promotion and Development of the Mediterranean Diet.


“Gourmet Space”: the exhibition by Nino Aiello and Manuela Zanni will animate Piazza San Domenico during the second edition of the Palermo Street Food Festival.

They are planned: meetings and debates on issues of taste with Clara Mennella, Cooking show with Andy Luotto, journalist Sarah Colonna will be the godmother of gourmet moments and the “poet of taste” Edoardo Raspelli will be a testimonial.

At Palermo Street FoodFest even more space for cultural enrichment. Many appointments on the calendar in which, together with industry experts, chefs and restaurateurs will discover stories, traditions and hidden identity of street food.

A special indoor facility, set up in Piazza San Domenico, will host fans and curious that, comfortably seated, will attend interesting meetings and taste the most delicious dishes of the event.

The “poet of taste” Edoardo Raspelli, renowned journalist and food critic, will conduct, together with the journalist Sarah Colonna, the talk “Identity, Culture and promotion of the territory”, a moment of debate and discussion about the value of enogastronomy and typical products . Speakers include Paul Brown and Gianfranco English, both professors at the University of Palermo, Giovanna Marano, Councilor for productive activities and Mario Attinasi, President of Confesercenti Palermo.
[Sunday at 12, Piazza San Domenico]

With Clara Mennella, a journalist of Il Sole 24 Ore, and Delfina Nunes, President of the Council of Culture, we will explore the culture of street food in the world, through the dishes of foreign communities in the city. “Palermo, integration model and mosaic of cultures, people and food” is the title of the debate that will star The View of Culture and dishes for years enrich the culinary heritage of our city confirming Palermo as an example of reception and integration, even at the table! [Saturday, April 21 18:30]

Andy Luotto cook, actor and character of the show, will lead instead two cooking show dedicated to some famous dishes of the international streetfood: Duncan Knox Fish & Chips, London chef who proposes one of its most authentic versions, and the Bratwurst & Kraut, German Florian Justmann. [Respectively Saturday at 20:30 and Sunday at 12:30]

It could only be entrusted to the famous television anchorman Edoardo Raspelli also the closing ceremony, scheduled for Sunday at 22.00, where we will proceed to the delivery of the “Premio Palermo Street FoodFest 2017” that will be awarded to the best dish tasted in this second edition. The award will be handed over to Sarah Colonna and Edoardo Raspelli.

To precede the ceremony, the cooking show hosted by the same Raspelli with Nino U ‘Dancer, became a true ambassador of street food in the world, it will explore the history of the dish symbol of identity Palermo: u cameusa breads.

A program full of surprises that will take turns chefs, restaurant owners, enthusiasts and experts. These products will not miss the protagonists of street food in Palermo par excellence: the aforementioned Nino U ‘Dancer, Francesco Lelio, technical director of the Festival and real milestone of the historical memory of street food in Palermo Fabio Potenzano known Palermo chef and participant in the television broadcast said Done.

Along with Gioacchino Gaglio, chef of the famous restaurant “Gagini” of Palermo and Alberto Rizzo, chef of the successful restaurant Osteria dei Vespri, they will experience rather raids between street food and “haute cuisine”, a theme dear also to the guest chef Francesco Fichera, with which we will deepen his idea of ​​walking cuisine.

The ticket will cost 2.50 for the savory tastings and beverage, 2.00 euro for the sweet and 6.50 euro for a single ticket that entitles you to three drinks: one street food salty, sweet and a drink .

It will apply a discount of 1 euro for those who purchase online in advance, or will show a bus ticket or a Trenitalia ticket on city lines. A discount of 1.50 is reserved to those who will show a Trenitalia ticket on a regional destination coming to the Palermo Central Station.

Tickets will be available in advance on


Thursday, April 20

18.30 Via Roma, Piazza San Domenico
Inauguration of the Village Gourmet Street Food Festival 2017

Maria Bello, Vice President of Sicily Region
The Mayor Leoluca Orlando
The President of the Municipal Council Salvatore Orlando,
The commissioners Giovanna Marano, Giusto Catania and Andrea Cusumano
Mario Attinasi, vice president CONFESERCENTI Sicily

gazebo in Piazza San Domenico

20.00: “Mussu”, “masciddaru”, “carcagnuolo” and beer Peroni. Unmissable greedy and playful apology…. the “burp free” !! By Alberto Rizzo Osteria dei Vespri.

22:00: Between “primordial” and street food avant-garde: “The Walking potato.” By and with the famous chef Francesco Fichera. Paired with two wines of Europe Cellars.


Palco Via Roma: 21.30 Concerto Original Sicilian Style

Palco Piazza Sant’Anna: 21.30 Concert Acoustic Brothers

Palco Piazza San Domenico: 22.00 Concerto Tre Terzi

Traveling from 19:00: percussion samba school LA LAUE

Friday, April 21

Opening gastronomic village 18:00

Gazebo Piazza San Domenico

15:00 “From Raw to Cooked” A journey through the butcher’s food by the chef Antonio Fazio and Giuseppe Pappalardo

19.00 “Soul Palermo” panelle, cazzilli and rascature. And there is also a surprise! Tasting accompanied by sodas Gazzosa Polara. Curated by Francesco Lelio and Fabio Potenzano.

Time: 19:00: Opening Space Exhibition and presentation of the projects, during the “workshop Street Food Fest”, the contest promoted by the ‘University of Palermo for the design of four ephemeral pavilions, really built for the second edition of the Palermo Street Food Fest. Piazza Sant’Anna EXHIBITION SPACE

20.30: An extraordinary economic and social reality and its most prestigious wines: the world of wine cooperatives. Tasting the top wines of Colomba Bianca, Ermes-Orestiadi, Europa and Settesoli and Palazzolo Acreide Sausage, a Slow Food Presidium.

22.00: If “The tail is on the stick” “The spleen is a matter of heart” !! Between Rome and Palermo, a clash of two titans: Francesco Fichera and Ninu u ‘Ballerinu. In conjunction with two Peroni beers.


Palco Via Roma:
20:00 Oak & theMerrow
21.00 Chiaramente
22.00 DJ Set: Rollin Fred

Palco Piazza Sant’Anna:
20:30  Cabaret with Gianfranco Ponte
21.00 Passpartù
22:00 DJ Set: Lucy BellVonhell

Palco Piazza San Domenico:
21.00 Jack & the Starlighters
22:00 DJ Set: Tropical Democracy

Traveling from 19:00: percussion samba school LA LAUE’

Saturday, April 22

Opening gastronomic village 11.00

Gourmet Space
Gazebo Piazza San Domenico

10.00 and 11.00: The street food as culture and territorial identity: workshop with  the Institute including Giovanni XXIII Piazzi,  by Francesco Lelio and Dean Aurelia Patanella.

13.00: “To everything there is a beyond” the discovery of the amazing innovative street food  of Gioacchino Gaglio  of The Gagini of Palermo. In conjunction 2 Cellars wines of Cantine Europa.

16.00: Presentation of the projects suggested by the “Right to the future Intensive School,” Urban Innovation educational program organized by PUSH in partnership with NEU and commonground, aimed at international students and professionals. Piazza Sant’Anna EXHIBITION SPACE

18.30: Palermo integration model and mosaic of cultures, people and food. It leads Clara Mennella, will attend Delfina Nunes Boaventura, president of the Council of Culture. In conjunction with the dishes in tasting the Polara drinks.

20.30: Fish & Chips: from London, Duncan Knox proposes one of its most authentic versions. And the Sicilian Francesco Lelio responds with sardines “allinguate”! Paired with two wines of the Cantine Europa. It leads Andy Luotto, chef, actor and character in the world of international show.

22.00: The fatal attraction: the street food drinks between tradition and new proposals. In conjunction with a delicacy, the sizzling Neapolitan fried pizza


Palco Via Roma:
19.00 Portolatino
21.00: M.A.L.A.R.MA
22:00: Djset: Peppe Pex

Palco Piazza Sant’Anna
21.00: Luca Burgio & Maison Pigalle
22:00 Djset Lucy Bell Vonhell

Palco San Domenico
21.00: WE MAN
22:00 Djset Democrazia Tropicale

Traveling from 17:30 Capoeira School School Bira Dos Santos

Sunday, April 23

Gazebo Piazza San Domenico

12.00: Talk about food and wine and typical products: identity, culture to promote the area. Participating Paolo Inglese, Gianfranco Marrone, Giovanna Marano and Mario Attinasi, moderated by Edoardo Raspelli. In tasting the fried of Francesco Lelio and the sodas of Polara. FREE ENTRY.

12.30: Presentation of the top candidates for the Open Call “Right to the Future Urban Thinkers Campus” three-day international initiative on the future of the city organized by PUSH in partnership with the City of Palermo.

13.30: From Germany, a world myth: Bratwurst und sauerkraut by Florian Justmann. It leads Andy Luotto, chef, actor and character in the world of international show. In conjunction with two Peroni beers

18.30: From the best of Italian street food: tigelle, crescentine the sandwich with the lamprey. In conjunction with a Peroni beer and a soft drink Polara

20.30: “Pani ca meusa”, a delicacy: from Palermo Jews to this day in the amazing interpretation of Ninu u ‘Ballerinu. In conjunction with two major Peroni beers. They lead the famous “gastronomy reporter” and “Melaverde conductor” Edoardo Raspelli and journalist Sarah Colonna.

22:00: Prize Street Food Fest 2017: Edoardo Raspelli and Sarah Colonna will reward the best dish of the second edition of the Palermo Street Food Fest, tasting and coking show the three finalists dishes. ENTRY RESTRICTED INVITATION or RESERVATION.


Palco Via Roma
20.30 Edimar Samba band Conjunto with Vincenzo Palermo FALABRASIL

Palco Piazza Sant’Anna
20.30: Cabaret with Mago Plip
22.00 Rollin Fred

Palco San Domenico
20.30 The Store

Traveling from 17.00 folkloric dances with Ancient Sicily Group


SPACE GOURMET: Cooking show, wine tasting, conferences and workshops with the protagonists of the Palermo street food and tasty raids between the interpretations of the dishes of the tradition of Sicilian chef, national and international by Nino Aiello and Manuela Zanni. 5 EUROS


AWARDS CEREMONY: Reserved By invitation

Talk: “gastronomy and local products: identity, culture and promotion of the territory” FREE ENTRY


Every day: Piazza Sant’anna display space “workshop Street Food Fest” Exposure models made for the competition promoted by the ‘University of Palermo for the design of four ephemeral pavilions, really built for the second edition of the Palermo Street Food Fest

Direct radio and live streaming edited by RGS: Thursday and Friday from 19.00 to 22.00, Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 21.00. Piazza San Domenico

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