Mobility and sustainability. Starting AmiGo Car sharing

Starting today a new system that allow to access all Car sharing services thanks to an app and a web platform. This is the new AmiGO service, the Sicilian Car Sharing, by Amat, the city public transportation company. With it you can go down the street and look for the nearest available vehicle. Book and board new cars to get around the city. At the end of the rental it will be possible to leave the car at one of the rest stations without having to worry about finding a parking space.
(In the photo above the councilor for mobility Giusto Catania, the administrator of the Amat Michele Cimino, the mayor Leoluca Orlando, the car sharing manager Denny Caminiti).
With the Amigo Car app and Bike Sharing you can pay per minute (free flow system) or hours, or days, plus the km traveled (fixed parking system) saving on fuel, insurance and vehicle maintenance costs as well.
Furthermore, you have free access to restricted traffic areas.
The service is the biggest of all Italy and is now operating in Palermo, Trapani, Castelvetrano, the airports Falcone and Borsellino and Trapani-Birgi and is opening in Catania as well.

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