Falcone e Borsellino airport: inaugurated the new duty free area

The new duty free (Aelia) and retail (Relay) area of ​​the Lagardére group was inaugurated at Palermo Falcone Borsellino Airport.

The commercial hall, which has passed the police checks, is 900 square meters (600 more than the old duty free) – the second in Italy for the amplitude of the exhibition space inserted in an airport – and was realized in a little less Of three months, from April to June.

The area rises in the first spaces reserved for the direction offices of the Gesap, now dedicated to passengers. As was the case for the new hall arrivals, new materials and technical components have also been used for the new duty free / Retail, starting with the adaptation of fire-fighting systems.
There are two air conditioning plants. The floor of the walkway, which winds through the hall, is in porcelain stoneware with hand-painted lava stone inserts, while the floor of the sales area is a mix of ceramic wood effect, marble effect, decorative rug.

To illuminate the area there are 206 Led projectors and 25 circular Led bodies.

In the duty free Aelia (723 square meters) there are 100 linear meters of Backwall (wall mounted displays) and 90 central exhibitors, 40 meters of Backwall and nine central displays in the Relay area (190 square meters). Access to the commercial area can be made from three gateways: immediately after the controls from the new safety gates and through the two entrances from the boarding area.

The architectural and plant design was carried out by architect Alessandro De Angelis of A & T Consulting srl on Lagardère – LS Travel Retail concept. The works were commissioned by Airest, a sub-dealer in the duty free and retail areas of Palermo Airport. The duty free / retail area has been expanded to 600 square feet.

Inside duty free Aelia has been given ample space for Sicilian products: from Modica chocolate to creams and citrus jams of Sicily. And Bronte pistachios, dried tomatoes, dried pasta, preserves. Sweet and salty are the masterpiece: from classic almond paste to Nebrodi salami and Ragusa cheese. All DOP products. Not to mention the vast selection of Sicilian wines and oils placed on the shelves.

In the retail relay area there are books, toys, stationery, drinks and snacks.

Over the past three years, the renovation and modernization of the Terminal has continued uninterruptedly. From the new arrivals and departures to the expansion of the airfields, to the realization of the new directional building. Inside the Terminal, there are eight new energy-saving mobile escalators that have replaced old plants.

Following the opening of the new room for reduced mobility (PRM) and nursery, a new security room (700 square meters previously occupied by offices) was opened with four additional entrances; The sliding door of the commercial lobby (terrace) has been replaced with a circular that ensures the maintenance of the indoor climate.

In the check-in rooms there was a change of flooring. In the last year, the new halls of more than 3,000 square meters have been opened, the new long parking lots (P3), the multipurpose chapel, the new arrival check-in counters. An aerospace room has been given ample room for music and art. For almost two years, in the boarding hall there is a stationary piano at the disposal of all passengers.

By 2017, the new on-line parking service, innovation in the dining area and a new layout of the terrace are planned, with the creation of a win bar (by July 30). Due to the financial support obtained through the intervention of the banks, the competition was published (deadline August 18, at 14) for the relocation of the upgrading of the pavement of the runways 07/25 and 02/20, in addition to the works Accessory, for a total amount of nearly 20 million euros.

Speaking today at the inauguration of the new Retail and Duty Free area, the Mayor of Palermo and the Metropolitan City of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, said:

“This commercial space dedicated to Sicilian products – a result of a collaboration between public and private who has a surgeon in the category of wine producers – this company, this airport, is a powerful and extraordinary contribution to the positive narrative of Sicily, so that not only Palermo, but the whole area of ​​Western Sicily is an area of ​​international acceptance and promotion of tourism.

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