Estate al Verdura, a very rich programme

It was presented at Villa Niscemi, “Estate al Verdura 2017”, organized by the City of Palermo Cultural Center, in collaboration with major companies, event organization associations and the most representative  institutions in the city.

The show will officially start at the Villa Castelnuovo’s Verdura Theater on 30 June with the Nancy Dance School and end on 2th  September with the cabaret by Roberto Lipari, entitled” Battipanni Lipari tutti “.

The 2017 edition shows suit all tastes and all ages.

In addition to the already usual “Notre Dame de Paris” event, which last year had a tremendous success, there will be much Italian pop music makes.

The entire podium of the Sanremo 2017 festival, with Francesco Gabbani, Fiorella Mannoia and Ermal Meta, will bring together numerous artists already known in the cultural landscape of Italian music such as Baustelle, Mannarino, Nek, Daniele Silvestri and Francesco Renga. There will also be the timeless Massimo Ranieri and Gino Paoli, the latter in a performance with Danilo Rea and Sergio Cammariere.

For the first time in town, Michael Bolton, on his European tour, chose Palermo as the only national date.

For the younger ones, the performances of “The Kolors” and of the duo Benji and Fede are reported.

There will be musical ensembles and concerts of excellence as well: the Balarm sax Orchestra, a proposal by the Bellini Conservatory in Palermo, the jazz artist Peter Cincotti, presented by The Brass Group, pianist and composer Ezio Bosso, invited by the Amici della Musica association. And again, the Palermo group Lello Analfino and Tinturia, who will be performing with the youth symphonic orchestra on summertime.

Kid’s orchestra, set up by Teatro Massimo, will debut for the first time at the Teatro della Verdura; the artists Lucia Garcia, Alessandra Salerno and Carmen Vellone who, in a performance still offered by the Brass Group, will pay homage to the great singers Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. Finally, Joe Lovano, proposed by the Lumpen Association, will pay homage to John Coltrane in the fiftieth anniversary of his death.

Also worth mentioning is the operetta proposed by the stable theater “Al Massimo”: “the Merry Widow”, “Cin Ci La” and “Scugnizza”.

Space for dance and theater as well. In fact, the ballet “Giselle”, proposed by the Teatro Massimo, will be made in three appointments.

There will be argentine tango with a performance accompanied by Tango tinto orchestra.

Numerous theatrical performances with good humor with the presence of artists such as Massimo Lopez, Tullio Solenghi and Nino Frassica, of the comedians of Al Convento, conducted by Matranga and Minafò, Claudio and Annandrea of ​​”i Soldi Spicci” and of the already mentioned Roberto Lipari.

 “Back, increasingly enriched with quality and performances, Estate al Verdura, this splendid structure that is now a reference point for the summer in Palermo,” said the Mayor Leoluca Orlando, “where collaboration between major artistic institutions and Public cultures and private operators, to allow the widest variety of choice for the many Palermitans and the many tourists who live in summer in Palermo. “

“We started five years ago with the institutional season – said the Councilor for Culture Andrea Cusumano – Brass Group, Conservatory, Amici della Musica, Teatro Massimo and Foss together are able to resume after years of closure. The year after the theater was also opened to private activities and, over the years, this part has been increasingly implemented. Today we can again offer a valuable institutional billboard and a rich calendar of private activities for a very important programming. “

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