Palermo Airport is the first Sicilian airfield to get the new European certification

Palermo Airport is the first Sicilian airfield to get the new European certification issued by Enac, the national civil aviation organization.
This morning, Enac’s Chief Financial Officer Roberto Vergari delivered Fabio Giambrone and Giuseppe Mistretta, chairman and managing director of Gesap, Palermo airport managing company, the new certificate.
The document attests that the organization of the management company, land-based procedures, infrastructure and airport facilities meets the requirements of the European Regulation 139/2014, which lays down the technical requirements and administrative procedures for airports in EU.

“The delivery of the certificate is a fundamental step in adapting the airport to European standards,” said Giambrone and Mistretta, “because it sets the management company’s co-ordination role and recognizes high operational levels, improving security and security issues infrastructure. A result that has come after months of intense work by our technicians, thanks also to the collaboration of Enac officials. ”
The new certification, which converts the existing one with additional requirements, confirms the safety of operations, to the benefit of aeronautical operators and passengers.
“This is a great achievement for Palermo airport,” said Vergari, “an important step that, in addition to meeting European standards on issues such as security and infrastructure, also underlines the organizational change in the management company“.
Yesterday, however, was signed of the contract for the start of the upgrading of the pavement of the runways 07/25 and 02/20, whose executive plan foresees a commitment of expenditure entirely to be paid by Gesap spa for a sum totaling over 23 million euros. Next October 31 is scheduled to start work, which will end in an estimated time of 42 days. During the works, the airport will remain operational.

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