Orlando meets MPs from the Netherlands


Mayor Leoluca Orlando met a delegation from the Parliament of the Kingdom of the Netherlands which are now visiting Palermo, together with the Dutch ambassador to Italy, Joost Flamand. The delegation was led by national parliamentarian Jeroen Van Wijngaarden, head of the Justice and Security Commission delegation, and was composed of six parliamentarians from the various political parties represented in the Dutch Parliament. During the long and in-depth meeting, the mayor of Palermo illustrated the City’s commitment to combating the mafia, the immigration policies and the great cultural change in Palermo as a tourist destination for large international tourist flows.

“Palermo’s relations with the Netherlands – declared Orlando – have been significantly confirmed thanks to the presence in our city of Manifesta 12 and of King Alexander and Queen Maxima, followed by Queen Mother Beatrice and many members of the royal family at Teatro Massimo for ‘Bintou Were, in Sahel opera’, world premiere of an opera about African migration “.

During the meeting, to which the mayor of Palermo also invited some representatives of the Addio Pizzo Association, Orlando also outlined the long and bloody way to set free the city from the suffocating mafia government.

“The mafia – said the mayor – is present in New York and in London, in Amsterdam and in Palermo. But our city is no longer governed by mafia, as happened in the past “.

The representatives of AddioPizzo illustrated their fight against the mafia and against all forms of mortification of legality and freedom of enterprise.
The ambassador and the parliamentary delegation of the Netherlands have noted the significant presence in Palermo of Dutch tourists and media and have deepened their knowledge of our city, now recognized as the safest city in Italy, a tourist city and international reference for human rights, often mortified by Italian and European laws and orders.

(ph.: Binnenhof, in the Hague, which houses the State General of the Netherlands)

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