Uni hostels in Palermo in summer turn into hotel for young people

Palermo touristic city for young people. The initiative is part of the program of “Palermo capitale dei giovani 2017”.

The press conference

From July 24 to September 3, young people have the opportunity to be hosted in the university hostels at affordable price. There are five university colleges and all are located in the historic center, “Schiavuzza”, Casa Biscottari, Casa del Goliardo, Hotel de France and S.S. Annunziata.

It’s 140 rooms hosting about 300 people.

Rates from 10 Euros.


4. Residenza Universitaria “Santissima Nunziata”

Foresteria Hotel de France

Young guests will be offered bids for visits to some of Palermo’s sites



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+ 39 091 7044387

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