Uganda investment and tourism promotion seminar held at Villa Niscemi

At Villa Niscemi there was the “Uganda investment and tourism promotion seminar” meeting. The meeting, organized by the Embassy of Uganda and the Municipality of Palermo, gave the opportunity the diplomatic of Uganda and the entrepreneurs of Palermo to meet each other and stay in touch.  There were many dealers especially inagri-food sectors, tourism and technological innovation. The presentation was attended, among others, the mayor Leoluca Orlando, the Ambassador of Uganda, Mumtaz Kassam and councilors for Industry, Giovanna Marano and Innovation Gianfranco Rizzo.

In his speech the ambassador, turning to Orlando mayor, has “brought the greetings of the people of Uganda” and expressed its appreciation of the City Council of Palermo for “organizing and participating in this important seminar on investment Uganda to increase visibility in Italy “. ” With Italy Uganda has always had strong diplomatic and trade relations – said Dr. Kassam –  as the Italian Business Club, which has more than 50 companies registered. “

“I want to express my appreciation – commented the Mayor Orlando – for the organization of this meeting that served to bring together the Sicilian businessmen to diplomatic representatives of Uganda for better commercial and cultural relationship. Are many aspects and themes that make us compare positively with Uganda, tourism, agribusiness and innovation to the field. “

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