Tannura, a restaurant that will amaze you

Gioacchino Trapani, a chef from Palermo with experiences, among other places, in Miami, New York, California, and therefore cosmopolitan, decides to open his own place, and so, last November, at Magione, via Gaetano Filangeri, together with  his sister Elisa inaugurates the “Tannura”. (in the picture Gioacchino Trapani, Elisa Trapani Aldo Palmeri).

The restaurant takes its name from a tool of the popular Sicilian tradition, a portable iron stove used for cooking on the grill.

In reality, the quality of the place goes far beyond what could be imagined by associating it with the name.

And so I experienced the first surprise. A restaurant with an accurate style and extraordinary cuisine.

Impeccable service, tablecloth and coloring of the  walls, a gallery of paintings on temporary exhibition.

But above all, the dishes created by Gioacchino Trapani. That gave me other surprises. Everything is excellent, some really extraordinary things, like the carpaccio of marinated and smoked cod, garnished with sunflower seeds, or the round little fish balls covered with sesame, similar to  well known Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Or the cacio all’argintera with red pumpkin. Trapani loves shopping. And you can see that. The choice of the first quality ingredients you feel when tasting, after the eyes have already enjoyed the sight of a beautiful presentation.

Traditional and revisited first courses, as well as the latter. Well-stocked wine cellar.

And, last but not least, a surprise for the hottest months, when it will be possible to eat on the terrace-garden, between bright lights, in the cool of a huge strelitzia, and where, in a corner there will also be a playground for the children.

Ah, let’s not forget the dessert! Pears in syrup with chantilly cream? Or the cannoli made of filo pastry stuffed with a light ricotta cream. so…..


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