Starting “Digital Business Week”

It started the first Digital Business Week, the initiative promoted by the Municipality of Palermo, conceived and implemented by Energia Media with the contribution of Palermo Mediterranea, University of Palermo, Utilitalia, Enea Smart Energy. With the support of Confcommercio Palermo, Gesap, Consorzio Arca, Digital Magics, and the support of A2A Smart City, CAP Group and Terranova. A first edition organized for Focus Group at Villa Niscemi, which connects the city and the metropolitan area of ​​Palermo, but which goes beyond the borders of the territory to open an active dialogue with a series of national and international realities. In particular, with the Fraunhofer Innovation Institute, the Metropolitan City of Milan and the Municipality of Bergamo actively present at the week of work to exchange experiences, models of economic sustainability
create or improve relationships between stakeholders of different matrix, to be crossed according to disruptive logics with respect to the past or the current single-issue approach; - give voice to testimonials from different segments to highlight issues to bring to the attention of national and multinational entities (funds, banks, private companies) through investment plans, needs, wishes, ongoing projects already funded or to be financed; - raise the attention of national and international central institutions to the city and the metropolitan area, through content based on co-planning, expertise, visions, to be used for opening relationships with individual target audiences; - create interest in individual Palermo companies by national or multinational entities; - give local start-ups the possibility of real development by favoring the intersection with medium-large sized subjects, able to incubate micro enterprises directly in their production units; - create synergies between local operators for the presentation of integrated proposals. The presence of the Palermo utilities and the Utilitalia Federation, which will be present at the meetings to open a dialogue with technological companies and research institutes: Sispi, AMG Energia, AMAP, AMAT, RAP, Reset, with which to work is important to bring Palermo and the metropolitan area to a management of public utility services that looks to the best Italian and international experiences.

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