Promote “Made in Sicily” by involving Sicilians abroad

There are about 700,000 Sicilians in the world who are still members of the Aire, the Italian Register of Italians residing abroad. Not to mention the Sicilians of second and third generations.

are people who have acquired experience and skills, often also reaching important positions in the countries of adoption.

These people can make a significant contribution to promoting the economic activities of Sicily, both for the export of Sicilian products and for the contribution of experience and know-how as well.

So two regional deputies have presented a bill for “the promotion of regional policies in favor of Sicilians living abroad, including second and third generation, thank to patterns that also exist in other Italian regions”.

The two deputies, Tommaso Calderone and Riccardo Gallo, define the legal text, which establishes the “Area Conferences for the Promotion of Made in Sicily”, “slim”. The law also does not provide for the creation of supra-structural and expensive institutions, which create further bureaucracy, while the financial commitment is ridiculous.

“The spirit that drives the bill is aimed at creating interchanges, commercial and entrepreneurial as well, with our countrymen living abroad,” explains Calderone. In fact, on the one hand, they could become decisive for the exportation of Sicilian products, on the other they could suggest ideas, so as to determine an enrichment for Sicily “.

“We want to export and import wealth – the MP continues. A wealth not only of a purely economic nature, but also in terms of promoting our culture, our traditions, so as to enhance the made in Sicily, even in cultural tourism as well”.




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