“Panormus Music Circus”, the big New Year’s night made in Palermo

A great party, an exceptional show made in Palermo, a varied and multi-faceted show. All this and much more is “Panormus Music Circus”. Organized by Agave Spettacoli by Andrea Randazzo and directed by the Palermo artist Alessandra Salerno. The New Year’s show is a container in which there are space street artists, performers, musicians, comedians, skilfully mixed to offer the public a unique show.

“A moment of great music, with great national and Palermo artists in a concert confirming that Palermo is the Capital of Culture and the City of Hospitality – says the mayor of Palermo, Mr. Leoluca Orlando – We continue to build a community of people all different and all the same “.

“This year the festival of San Silvestro marks the beginning of an important period for Palermo that in 2018 will be the Italian Capital of Culture, with a program that enhances the soul of the” cultures “that the city represents” said the commissioner municipal to Culture, Andrea Cusumano.

A “3D” show whose audience will not only be spectator, but protagonist of the evening, thanks to the incursions of the comedian Stefano Piazza, who, besides entertaining the audience with funny monologues and jokes, will interview the audience, performing unpredictable and exhilarating sketches .

The evening will be presented by the actor, conductor and comedian Sergio Friscia together with the conductor  Federica Minia.

To start the evening, at 8.30 pm, the performance of Geronimo and the Flowers of Good and Blue Kashmir, respectively first and second place at the Palermo Band Festival. Following a rap band, the Booku Ndal, from Ballarò.

Then it will be the turn of the Frequenze Retrò quintet. On stage they will perform with contemporary dances but with swing, tap and charleston influences, the Sara Scibetta and Giorgia Lorito dancers.

Directly to the stage of XFactor, the Heron Temple, a Palermo band composed by Valerio Panzavecchia and Vincent Hank who will propose the pieces of their latest compilation.

Another musical moment, and then the actor Salvo Piparo with his “Scordabolario” that will delight the audience by telling the uses and customs of the Palermo, with the percussionist and guitarist Francesco Cusumano.

Not to forget the multicultural roots of our island will go on stage the African ethnic group, but Palermo by adoption, the Africa of Doudou whose music will intersect with the folk of the Sicilian band i Tamuna, winners of the De Andrè prize, who will perform together with special guests from the Ditirammu theater.

On stage also two young artists from Palermo, Natale Visconti, aka Aladino, and Alessio Bellomia who with stilts, giant wings lit up with LEDs, plays with soap bubbles, and even performances with LED-lit clubs, will bring the circus to the stage.

The first few minutes of the new year will be marked by the notes of Edoardo Bennato’s most beloved songs, the artist who perfectly embodies the spirit of the Panormus Music Circus, eclectic, versatile and able to alternate the rhythms of folk, pop and blues. engage the public of all ages.

To frame the entire show are the scenographies with a clear circus flavor, folk and gipsy, realized by the world-renowned artist from Palermo, Domenico Pellegrino.

During the show large-scale play-balloons will be launched to the public, involving the public even more, projecting it into an international show atmosphere. In addition, a video of greetings from the USA will be shown.

The night will continue with the live DJ set by Radio Action 101 that will broadcast live streaming and radio the entire evening with the two top showmen Beppe Palmigiano and Chiara Dalia.

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