Palermo in the executive committee of the WHO Healthy Cities of Italy

Palermo is one of the nine cities elected the new Executive Committee of the Network “WHO Healthy Cities of Italy” – an association of municipalities recognized by the World Health Organization.

The elective assembly was held last Friday in Bologna, with the re-election of the city of Modena to the Presidency and the coordination for the third time to the Network guide, with the unanimous vote of all the 39 cities present.

“The ekection of Palermo  as a member of the Executive Council – said Mayor Leoluca Orlando – is the confirmation that we are engaged in an important topic, aiming to make known new prevention and health protection policies, with a multidisciplinary involvement in the fields of  education, culture, sport, of agriculture and of the voluntary and co-operation in synergy between the public and the private spheres. On the other hand, it constitutes an incentive for the management to create environments that ensure better living conditions for citizens, through a new approach to health and wellbeing, in a sustainable and equal way for all people. ”

One of the objectives of the Network to “Health 2020” – a European political model in support of cross-action to the government and society for health and well-being – stands the fight against physical inactivity and the health inequalities.

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