Palermo Car Sharing. Improving the service

Fifty-five new cars in Palermo Car Sharing’s fleet. The shared car service has now many novelties aimed at improving and facilitating the use of the service, already reaching nearly 5,000 subscribers, and extending it across the western part of Sicily.

From left: Domenico Caminiti, Antonio Gristina, Leoluca Orlando, Iolanda Riolo


The novelties were presented this morning at Villa Niscemi by the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, by the Mobility Manager Iolanda Riolo, by the president of Amat Antonio Gristina and by the director of the Mobility Sustainable Mob service and chairman of the national consortium car sharing I GUIDO Domenico Caminiti, who designed the new service strategy: intermodal mobility with a hybrid system between basic and free flow; new telematic services and tariff integration; fleet increase with environmentally friendly means. The scope of the service will cover three areas: vast (extra municipal), metropolitan and urban.
“The expansion of the Car Sharing fleet of Amat – said Mayor Leoluca Orlando – is the confirmation of the constant change of this city and how the Administration and its companies are to stimulate and serve the change. Until a few years ago Car Sharing was not valued and therefore was unused. Our choice, sustained with great passion and professionalism by the leadership and the leaders of Amat, has raised the demand, starting with a virtuous circle. That is why I want to express my satisfaction for this service, the largest offer in Italy after Rome, for more and more shared sustainable mobility”.

The project of expanding the Car Sharing service points to western Sicily, thanks to a series of protocols signed by the City of Palermo. The territory has been divided into four provinces: Palermo, Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Trapani. The amounts already approved for use is about 730 thousand euros. The car park’s expansion plan for this year includes 120 facilities for the base system, 50 free floating in Palermo, 30 in the province, 15 in Trapani town, 20 in the province of Trapani, 10 in Agrigento. In 2018, Caltanissetta and the province and the province of Agrigento will be covered. To arrive in power in 2020: 350 cars in Palermo, of which 100 for free floating, 80 in the province; 60 in Trapani and province; 25 Caltanissetta and the province; 40 Agrigento and the province.

Car sharing is an individual public mobility service, complementary to public and private transport, intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly, managed by the local public transport company Amat Palermo Spa.

By car sharing, the subscriber purchases the actual use of the vehicle instead of the vehicle itself.

The service is already active in the cities of Bologna, Genoa, Parma, Rome, Venice, Reggio Emilia, Bari, Verona, Trapani, Arezzo, Padua.

Promulgated by the Ministry of the Environment and identified by the national brand “IO GUIDO CAR SHARING”, the service is intended as an alternative to the use of private vehicles and involves the sharing of a low environmental impact car park among all members of the Club Car Sharing Palermo, limiting the use of the car to the strictly necessary time.

This allows each partner to achieve significant personal savings and to contribute to the reduction of atmospheric pollution.

Membership to the Club can allow, through an agreement with other National Managers, to take advantage of service in all of the Italian cities where it is already active.

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