“Nuove Colonne” in Bagheria, gourmet and tradition

A “crown” for the cooking and a “trinacria” for the pizzeria. The jury of the “Corone Oro Sicilia” Association had no doubts in immediately assigning the recognition to this new born restaurant (Dario D’Angelo and Antonino Gagliano took over the management). Dario D’Angelo in the kitchen shows how fantasy technical competence can work. Octopus and potatoes become gourmet, with octopus roasted and served with saffron and rosemary puree. Scabbardish rolls stuffed with chard are enriched with bacon and pecorino D’Angelo is from Cerda, so this means artichokes, for example in the filling of ravioli seasoned with mussels, clams, snow peas and very delicate ricotta. The mussel soup “2.0” is surprising, of which we only say that D’Angelo enriches with oregano but that you have to taste it to be amazed. Salvatore Cucinotta, the pizzaiolo, is at the top He make pizza singolo quality flours such as Russello, and quality ingredients, such as the Mazara shrimp which gives its name to the specialty (pictured below), or the Bronte, with pistachios and mortadella. Finally, a Bagherese artisan supplies delicious sorbets that he makes with the fruits whose outer skins become their containers. Comfort and atmosphere both in the internal lounges and on the terrace.

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