“Muv Game”, Palermo wins the world’s first city tournament on sustainable mobility

It was presented at Palazzo delle Aquile the outcome of the first tournament in the world dedicated to  sustainable mobility conceived within “MUV – Mobility Urban Values”, a European applied research project Horizon 2020 by the PUSH design laboratory.
To win the tournament between the eight cities in this first edition – Palermo, Rome (Italy), Amsterdam (Holland), Barcelona (Spain), Teresina (Brazil), Ghent (Belgium), Helsinki (Finland) and Fundao (Portugal) – it was Palermo and the best players won prizes and discounts offered by local partners.

Using the MUV app (available for Android and iOS), the user earns points and exceeds special workouts by moving in a sustainable way, that is by walking on foot, by bicycle or using public transportation.

From 3 June to 21 July, the “MUVers” of the participating cities competed in a much more difficult competition to crown the most sustainable city and traveled for almost 30,000 kilometers in seven weeks without resorting to private transport. The Palermo were therefore the most virtuous athletes and they managed to strenuously defend the first place during all the games, collecting 343.682 total points. Special mention goes to the three best players on the team – Jelena M., Marco C., Dario S. – who with their commitment have contributed decisively to the victory and who will be rewarded with the prizes offered by the sponsor Fondazione Teatro Massimo. They will win discounts on the texts of Spazio Cultura Edizioni, some other athletes from Palermo who have distinguished themselves for their performance while not getting on the podium.

Great race also for the Roma team that won 5 matches out of 7 and finished second with 261.082 points, winning the head-to-head with Ghent for second place just last week. The third place is therefore the Belgian team which reported excellent results: 5 games won and 201,082 total points.

The other five teams are also good.

“The secret of this victory – said Mayor Leoluca Orlando, symbolically nominated president of the City of Palermo team – was Push extraordinary ability to turn from prophet into witness”.

A new edition of the “Sustainable City Tournament” will start on September 23rd in which we will see more teams involved.



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