Lightness is the theme of Festino di Santa Rosalia n. 393

Lightness, understood as a bearer of strong values, is the central theme of the edition number 393 of the  Festino di Santa Rosalia  presented at the Sala Filangeri in the Archbishopric Curia of Palermo.

At the meeting with journalists there were, among others, Archbishop Msgr. Corrado Lorefice, Mayor Leoluca Orlando, Culture Advisor, Andrea Cusumano and Artistic Director of Festino Lollo Franco.

As tradition, the most important moment of Festino, organized by the City of Palermo, Curia and Agave Spettacoli, will be on the evening of July 14 with the carriage parade along Cassaro. It is going to start woth the infiorata in honor of Santa Rosalia in the cathedral’s churchyard  July 9, and  the last appointment will be the traditional mass and procession of July 15th.

“The theme of lightness – said Mayor Leoluca Orlando – is the highlight of this edition of the Festino that reminds us of how it is possible to change how we can build a different vision of life by freeing ourselves from plague, mafia, unemployment, producing so the values ​​of the community, of culture and of the economy. Today, Palermo is experiencing an exciting cultural awakening and the latest events that have seen the presence of Dutch realities, the concert of Radio Italia and the international fashion show of Dolce & Gabbana show how the new story of Palermo has begun. Even Festino is part of this lens, a Festino for Palermo and for the Palermo people, and we must recover the strong values ​​of this city by invoking lightness. ”

“I was inspired by Don Corrado Lorefice’s words last year,” commented the Assessor, Andrea Cusumano, who during the Mass said “Palermo got up, winter is over.” Getting up is a gesture of lightness, the ability to raise and remove from those dominations that have somehow blocked the cultural and civic development of a city. Festino is a bit the mirror of Palermo and the theme of lightness is very important to imagine the capacity of City to rise in the coming years. “

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