In Dublin, a positive meeting with Ryanair for the president of Airgest Salvatore Ombra

The president of Airgest, the airport management company Vincenzo Florio of Trapani Birgi, Salvatore Ombra, met in Dublin David O’Brien, Chief Commercial Officer and Gary Butler another sales manager of the airline Ryanair, in the presence of the general manager of Airgest , Michele Bufo.

“A positive meeting that will bring results – said the president of Airgest Salvatore Ombra. – Ryanair wants to bet again on Trapani Birgi. For over an hour, we have discussed different topics and opportunities about what they can do for us and us for them. In Winter 2020 there will be new routes and with good probability also for the Summer Ryanair will propose other routes than those already announced ».

The routes already planned by the Irish air carrier are, starting from March 29th 2020, Trapani / Bergamo every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; Trapani / Bologna daily from Monday to Sunday; Trapani / Prague with frequencies yet to be defined.
The flights already operational from Trapani Birgi airport are confirmed, with Alitalia Trapani / Rome daily, again with Alitalia, Trapani / Milan on a daily basis; with DAT, within the territorial continuity, the Trapani / Pantelleria with two flights per day, and daily frequency. And, again with HelloFly, Trapani / Naples on Friday and Monday. Finally Blue Air will operate the Trapani / Turin from 17 June 2020.

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