Great seafood at “L’Angolo di Mondello”

There are many beautiful seaside resorts in Sicily, but “Mondello Beach” is my favorite. It is a wide and beautiful beach, with mountains behind it, calm and pleasant atmosphere. However, for a person who loves food, choose a restaurant near the bay, sit back and enjoy the original sea food is a great happiness!

This restaurant “l’Angolo di Mondello” (the corner of Mondello) is located near the square of Mondello and is clean and fresh inside and out. One of the most important ingredients is important: fish and seafood are fresh and unparalleled, large octopuses, sea fish, noodles, sweet and sour fish, and finally a sweet peach ice cream. The “busiate” the typical fresh pasta of Trapanese, with seafood is unique, (photo). The chef of this restaurant, Gaspare Giammanco, highlighting the local characteristics, creates unique combinations of taste. I do not want to forget it. I invite my Chinese friends to come here to try it.

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