European Regional Airports met in Palermo at their 13th conference

Is having place in Palermo, hosted by Gesap, the 13th conference of ACI EUROPE. ACI EUROPE Regional Airports’ Conference and Exhibition is the flagship event which brings together European regional airports and their stakeholders. The association of regional airports and partners meet to reflect on the past two years, sharing experiences and a renewed energy to bounce back into a redefined landscape, coping with sustainability constraints, both financially and environmentally. Join your peers to fuel the conversation and forge the future of the regional network of European airports.

ACI EUROPE counts over 500 airports in 48 countries and territories. The members facilitate over 90% of commercial air traffic in Europe, contributing to air transport’s societal benefit estimated to support 13.5 million jobs and generating €886 billion in European economic activity (4.4% of GDP). In response to the Climate Emergency, in June 2019 Europe’s airports committed to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions for operations under their control by 2050, without offsetting.

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